WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker

When you think of wheel covers, The Sign Maker might not be your first port of call, but now we are home to WheelCover.com – it might be time to reconsider! WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker is our newest investment as a business, the vision being that we will be able to manufacture quality wheel covers just the way that you want them (particularly with this additional strand to the business). From standard wheel covers to vinyl designs; we hope our expanding trade will enable us to be your go-to wheel cover supplier.

WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker

However, there is more to this new venture than meets the eye. While we are exceptionally proud to be the new owners of WheelCover.com, the business has a long-standing, history – a story that we are keen to share with you now we have a part in it!

The History of WheelCover.com

While wheel covers have been a much-loved part of our business since our early days of trading, we were proud to source our fabric skirts from the best in the business – WheelCover.com. WheelCover.com was first established in the early eighties by Fred Cutler who had a seed of an idea. Due to his experience in Jeep Dealership, Fred spotted a gap in the market and began investing and growing WheelCover.com (particularly having seen Amercian consumers finding love for covers to smarten up their 4×4 vehicles).

WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker History - Fred Cutler
The History of WheelCover.com with Fred Cutler

Once partnered with his unique perspective, WheelCover.com became a business known for the quality manufacture of wheel covers. The business traded successfully for just short of 30 years before being passed on to Ian, who we traded with latterly. We can’t even begin to express our gratitude for the way Fred, Ian, and their teams have invested in WheelCover.com so that we would have the opportunity to further its legacy.

Becoming Part Of The Story

When the opportunity arose for us to take on WheelCover.com, our directors leapt at the chance! There were, of course, things to consider, but as things have fallen into place – WheelCover.com has found a natural home within our existing business! Little did we know when we took on the business that we had seamstresses amongst our office team who’d be keen to diversify their skill sets.

Debbie and Poppy made the journey to receive live demonstrations from Ian Selby (the most recent owner of WheelCover.com) earlier this year. Upon returning, they recruited Annie who has become an additional part of this team, and we set the wheels for a new launch of WheelCover.com.

Launching WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker

WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker is now home to all things wheel cover related! Despite having its own identity, we’re proud to say that WheelCover.com will embrace the same qualities that make The Sign Maker the business it is today. Showcasing quality craftsmanship, an eco-friendly ethos, and signage made just as you envision it – WheelCover.com will honour its formidable legacy while becoming an established part of our growing brand.

WheelCover.com by The Sign Maker

Telephone: 01769 561355 | Email: sales@sign-maker.net | https://linktr.ee/thesignmaker

Head to the brand new WheelCover.com Website for more on our full range of wheel covers today!

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