A Year In Signs

There are so many ways to reflect on the year gone by, but what about a year in signs?! With new materials being introduced at The Sign Maker and more advanced crafting technology than ever before – it is so hard to choose our favourites. However, this blog post will shortlist just twelve of the phenomenal signs and memorials from an amazing year of sign making.

January | Framed Hanging Pub Sign

Starting the year with new signage for your business kicks off the year as you mean to go on. Framed hanging signs have a bold presence that is just right for a pub. In the striking black and white colours too, we were so pleased to see how this sign turned out.

February | Impact Engraved Black Pearl Granite Memorial

Impact Engraving was a new technique to us at the beginning of 2022. Utilising a brand new machine, we can engrave granite with finer detail than we were able to previously. Whether looking for detailed lettering or a precise image or photograph – impact engraving enables us to craft intricate, quality results. We can confirm that it has been an exciting process to view the full capabilities of the latest technological machinery!

March | Oak Oval Sign with Parisian Arch Bracket

The style and sophistication of the Parisian Arch Bracket is pretty hard to compete with. This is why this particular oak sign had to be our March favourite! Oak has been considered a timelessly classic material by us for a long time. However, this specific bracket elevated the sign in a way that blended modern and traditional taste.

A Year In Signs | The Sign Maker Devon
April | Slate Memorial Tablet

Slate is an incredibly diverse material that can be crafted into a wide range of finishes. 2022 saw slate become one of our most popular materials to date, but we wanted to highlight this touching slate memorial tablet. The sentiment is simple yet powerful and our Stone Mason, as always, crafted this piece to perfection.

May | Hand Drawn Map on Tough Print Aluminium

May saw us craft one of the most unique signs from this year; a hand drawn map of Dolton. This tough print vinyl aluminium sign was a joy to work on and we are thrilled with the result! Challenging ourselves with original signage is the very stuff that we live for as a sign makers. We’re always up for trying something new, and we pride ourselves on delivering the very best that we can to you.

June | Opepe Memorial Plaque on an Angled Iroko Post

A great many of our signs require the attention of several of our team. From our designers to our packers, each sign at The Sign Maker takes a journey around the workshop. This sign required the skills of our senior carpenter with two timbers, a triple laser process for the lettering, and a Devon oil treatment. These are just a few of the most notable processes! That being said, it was worth every moment, because we love the way that this Opepe Memorial turned out.

A Year In Signs | The Sign Maker Devon
July | Darth Vader Full Wrap Wheel Cover

Each sign that we craft is entirely unique, but none more so than this extraordinary Darth Vader Wheel Cover. Customisation can inject a little fun into your beloved car, or alternatively a fantastic way to advertise a business or company. We must say, it was a lot of fun to put this particular design together. The vinyl team can make these pieces stand out for all the right reasons.

August | Sustainable PaperStone Memorial

Summer 2022 saw us launch our sustainable, eco-friendly PaperStone products; this memorial is one that stood out to us. Thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted, watching this material transform into a very special memorial was humbling.

September | Painted Framed House Sign with Laser Engraved Detailing

This particular painted framed sign was part of a set, each sign featuring this rather charming house motif. It stood out to us; not just because of the use of our go to ‘Lichen’ green colour, but because of the character. We shared a short behind the scenes video on our Instagram which appeared to go down well too.

A Year In Signs | The Sign Maker Devon
October | Memorial Plaque with a Wrought Iron Stake

We have been astounded by the quantity of orders for plaques for the jubilee and the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Enabling others to mark poignant moments in history is heart-warming hence featuring this plaque in our shortlist. Side note – it is not too late to join ‘The Queen’s Green Canopy‘ by planting a tree yourself.

November | Lakeland Green Slate Sign

Lakeland Green Slate is a unique material, quarried from the Lake district by a father and son duo. The enchanting appearance of Lakeland Green combined with it’s hardwearing qualities make this an ideal sign material choice. Signs crafted with Lakeland Green Slate are bound to stand out, but we liked this sign’s bold and simple design. By keeping the design minimal, the slate gets a chance to shine in it’s own right.

December | Slate Corian Sign featuring the Dingley Dell Poem

Slate Corian is a fantastic material to work with. It makes for perfect house signs, lasting business signage and simple, yet stunning, memorials. In fact, we find ourselves recommending frequently to our customers! This particular piece was shipped in our final week before Christmas. There was just something about the poem that made us think and smile, and we thought it would make you smile too.

A Year In Signs | The Sign Maker Devon

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