Why The Sign Maker?

There is something rather special about The Sign Maker. If this is the first time that you are reading about us, then hello! We are a family-run signwriting company specialising in bespoke, handcrafted signage. Situated in the heart of North Devon, Yelland Farm is now home for The Price Family, as well as the home for our business offices and workshops. 

After over 20 years of trading, what started out as a house sign for Shaun’s Mother-In-Law has become a growing and thriving business. With signmakers up and down the country, you might be wondering why you might pick The Sign Maker. So, we wanted to use this blog as an opportunity to share a little more of our story, our ethos, and perhaps most importantly, our signage. 

The Benefits Of Bespoke 

Bespoke signage is something that we are proud to specialise in! When partnered with The Sign Maker’s expert advice and craftsmanship, bespoke signage stands out for all the right reasons. A bespoke sign will enable you to be proud of your home, business or property, or to pay a fitting tribute to a loved one with a bespoke memorial. We love being able to craft signage that is entirely centred around your wants, needs and dreams – primarily because we know how much such signage matters to you! 

At The Sign Maker, we stock a wide range of materials to ensure that we can craft your sign. In addition, we constantly seek to expand this range of materials and our knowledge of how to work with them to achieve different results. We not only pay close attention to materials, but also to method. As a team, we aim to respond to the needs of our customers by researching new methodologies and techniques to achieve the desired results. For example, we researched how to impact engrave because a customer was wanting an engraved image that was more detailed that our existing methods could achieve.

The commitment that we show to our business is what sets us apart from other signwriters, although we are proud to be part of the wider signwriting community. The biggest benefit of bespoke is that we achieve great results and you receive quality signage that is truly reflective of the vision that you had. 

Sustainable Ethos 

Sustainability is an essential part of The Sign Maker’s DNA. The decisions made for the business revolve around their ability to fit with a sustainable ethos. From our business operations and product selection to general life at Yelland Farm, we like to be mindful of our impact on the planet and strive to be environmentally conscious. 

Across the site, you will find wildflower meadows, a wind turbine, wildlife ponds and more plants than we can begin to name, and within the workshop, you will find a selection of sustainable timbers, a biomass boiler and environmentally conscious packaging. Most recently, we partnered with The North Devon Biosphere enabling us to create three targeted pledges to support the environment. 


One Of The Family

At The Sign Maker, we are a family affair; four of Kate and Shaun’s five children work within the business! Even those who are not one of the family soon become such, including our customers! This unique quality is something that we cherish about our business, and we believe it is something that others also admire which is why we like to honour family in our business.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our business, and our signage, are special. It is rare that you will come across a small business like ours that achieves both a family feel and quality results. That being said, though we are, in essence, a local family business, we do not compromise on quality!

Choosing The Sign Maker

Considering signage from The Sign Maker? It goes without saying that we think that we are a fantastic choice! When you choose us, you are choosing a Devon-based, family-run, award-winning, sustainably conscious business with a speciality in bespoke signage – it’s a win-win for everybody. We place you at the heart of our business and ensure that we deliver exactly what it is that you are looking for. Our contact details will be below, so do reach out to us or venture over to our online shop! Crafting signage is a privilege and we hope that yours will be next on our crafting list. 

Although, perhaps you are checking out our page as a fellow business, Devon resident or out of pure curiosity about what we do? If that is the case then do consider subscribing to the blog or checking us out on social media as we’d love the opportunity to connect with you as we share more about The Sign Maker.

Telephone: 01769 561355 | Email: sales@sign-maker.net | https://linktr.ee/thesignmaker


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