Natural Timber

Natural timber is a wonderful choice of material for a wide range of signage. Whether you’re on the market for a small house sign, large business sign, or a memorial, we are bound to have the perfect timber selection for you. Though we craft with many timbers, we wanted to draw your attention towards our natural timbers. As a team, we each have different preferences, as proven by a previous blog that we shared about the team’s favourite signage, however, natural timber remains a consistent favourite for many of us!

Traditional Oak

Oak is a timelessly classic timber. Its majestic appearance stands out for all of the right reasons, the colour and texture of Oak making it an ideal choice for a sign. There are many unique characteristics of Oak, but the most notable is the grain that runs through the timber.

We’ve noticed that Oak looks fantastic in a number of finishes. This is why we recommend it for such a wide variety of signage. Our award-winning carpenters can craft to your specifications, particularly as Oak is such a versatile material. The hue of Oak can take on a variety of colours. It varies from light beige to darker brown, some Oak pieces even take on a rosy tone. 

Each piece of wood will be unique, but we are mindful of your sign design when we come to select a piece of timber for your signage.  Using a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, we’ve achieved some excellent results! It is worth noting that oak signage will last a lifetime when maintained correctly with oil or varnish. As it is, Oak has superb durability and strength – but this extra care and attention keeps Oak looking its best throughout its life. 

So, in short, you get the best of both worlds when you invest in a sign crafted with Oak – high elegance, fantastic quality, and a sign for life!

Oak Signage from The Sign Maker, Devon.
Oak Signage from The Sign Maker


Iroko is a distinctive timber full of character! Similar to teak in appearance, varied in colour from pale golden brown to a dark chocolate colour, we have crafted some incredible pieces with this natural timber. The interesting patterns are created by the interlocking grain, a beautiful feature that particularly stands out in our house signs. In terms of longevity, Iroko is naturally oily which helps Iroko signs to maintain themselves to a degree. To prevent Iroko signage from turning silver, the best thing to do is to treat it regularly. 

The stability of the timber, combined with its medium density, makes Iroko a highly durable timber perfect for external signage. 

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a timber that we love and celebrate here at The Sign Maker. The stunning red tones give this timber a standout appearance that is hard to compete with. The predominantly straight grain that runs through this timber is a notable characteristic of Douglas Fir. 

Although its appearance is something to admire, Douglas Fir’s best qualities are its durability despite being a softwood!  Not long ago, we wrote a blog called Douglas Fir – The Durable Choice. The blog explored some of the reasons why we love the Douglas Fir timber and some of its origins, so if you’re interested in learning a little more about this timber, then do go back and check it out. 

The Sign Maker's Durable Douglas Fir Signage
The Sign Maker’s Durable Douglas Fir Signage

Selecting The Right Timber For Your Signage

With so many timbers available at The Sign Maker, it might feel challenging to know which one to select! That being said, we would highly recommend these natural timbers. Each one is a good all-round timber that could be crafted into signage to be proud of. We have considered factors such as how long your sign will last for, a variety of maintenance options, as well as considered the appearance of different timbers. 

Though the selection of timber is largely due to personal preference, we are also here to advise you! If you have any questions or queries about which timber might be best for your sign, then do get in touch with us before you place an order. We can take sign placement, budget and sign design into consideration and support you in making an informed decision. This is the kind of service that you can expect from us at The Sign Maker throughout the designing, crafting and delivery of your sign. 

Do you have a favourite timber? Let us know in the comments below or catch up with us across all social media platforms – we can’t wait to hear what you think! 

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