The Team’s Favourite Signage

There is no better way to establish the best signage that we have to offer than to ask those who work on these pieces daily! Questioning The Sign Maker team about their favourite signage may be the equivalent of asking a parent who their favourite child is. However, we had some excellent responses!

Unsurprisingly, many of us chose different signs but ultimately the reasoning was led by how we feel crafting these pieces, and the benefits for our clients and customers. It was interesting to see that many of our workshop team chose signage from their department. Though we can’t promise a lack of favouritism, we can promise all our signage is loved by our team!

Signage With Style 

It goes without saying that we love our signage to look great, so it is great that our team wanted to celebrate some of our best-looking signage with you. The aesthetic of a sign can transform how you feel about your home or business. Of course, style is nothing without substance behind it, but we are proud to offer signage that is the perfect marriage of both. 

Our director, Kate, chose The Sign Maker’s Oak Signage for the simple reason that it is a ‘beautiful timber’. Oak is known to be a traditional material. It is a timeless classic that remains a firm favourite for both our team and our customers. Oak elevates our signage with both refinement and softness.

Slate signage was chosen by a number of our team (across both the workshop and the office). Our stonemason, Caroline, specifically chose the welsh slate signs with black lettering. Caroline explained that these signs are ‘more subtle with black letters, and different from the norm’. Ali from our office team chose the standard slate signs. She highlight qualities such as ‘naturalness’ and ‘simplicity’ as reasons to choose slate signage. Kirstee, who specialises in Vinyl signage, picked out our laser engraved slate signage. Our engraved slate signs are an elegant selection that would be suitable for a range of purposes. 

Our manager, Poppy, recalled a specific set of estate signs (pictured below). This three-colour estate sign set has an incredibly smart appearance and makes a fantastic collection. With grey posts, black centres and golden lettering, the professionalism of these pieces, enhanced by our quality craftsmanship, makes these pieces worth remembering! Although Pop thankfully picked a set of signage that perfectly displays some of her handy paintwork, we thought we would note that she is a fan of many other types of signage too! 


Understandably, our team not only think about signage from an appearance point of view. We also consider what it means to craft and design such pieces. One person who really knows his way around design is Jake. 

Jake described our wheel covers and full cover printed vinyl signage as some of the ‘most fun’ to bring together in the design process. However, Jake also reflected on what it meant to craft some of the more meaningful pieces that we are privileged to make at The Sign Maker. 

It will never be easy to receive requests for children’s memorials, but we also believe that it is an honour to share some of the lasting reflections on that young person’s life. As a team, it encourages us to design with thought and craft with purpose. Memorials are an important part of what we do with The Sign Maker, and our sister company, UK Memorials, so it is wonderful that the team also feel humbled by this significant part of our work here. 

As the resident writer for The Sign Maker, I love the story behind each sign that we craft. I relish in the relationships we form between our team and our customers – many of whom we never meet but we feel as if we get to know!

Crafted With Timber

We are fortunate to work with many different timbers at The Sign Maker. With Oak being an honourable mention for many of our team, it has been lovely to hear mention of timbers. Kate, one of our amazing workshop assistants, chose Iroko. She chose Iroko for its easy maintenance, while there was also mention of Tricoya, for its sustainable qualities. Another that came up in conversation was Douglas Fir, with the team highlighting its gorgeous tone and durability. 

Signage from The Sign Maker

Ultimately, whatever sign you opt for will be crafted with skill and with love! We care deeply about signage, particularly as we know of its value to you! If you’re in the market for some new signage, then we would love to hear from you. Equally, if we’ve ever crafted a sign for you, then do share a picture with us. We would love to see your sign in its pride of place. 

Check out our online shop to browse the team’s favourite signs, and do let us know what yours is! We’d love to hear from you. 

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