The Queen’s Green Canopy

Across the jubilee weekend, you may have heard a little more about The Queen’s Green Canopy. The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative was developed to honour The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and to further establish Queen Elizabeth’s pledge to address climate change. 

The first jubilee tree was planted over a year ago. It was planted in the grounds of Windsor Castle by The Queen herself, and The Prince Of Wales. The initiative was a call to action, as well as a way to inclusively commemorate The Queen’s 70-year reign. The Prince Of Wales described planting a tree as a “statement of hope and faith for the future”. The royal family have encouraged neighbourhoods up and down the UK to participate in The Queen’s Green Canopy. With so many participants, there has been a real sense of unity and community.  Over a million trees have already been planted! This is a phenomenal achievement that we know will make a difference for years to come. As well as planting new trees, The Queen’s Green Canopy has also dedicated a network of 70 Ancient Woodlands to honour The Queen’s 70 years of service. 

A large sculpture entitled “Tree Of Trees” was unveiled on June 2nd – again paying tribute to the initiative. Measuring over 70ft tall, and lit up with LED lights, the sculpture is a must-see installation outside Buckingham Palace. 

Plant A Tree For The Jubilee

Though the bank holiday weekend is over, The Queen’s Green Canopy initiative continues to be a prominent plan of action. If you haven’t already, there is still an opportunity to plant a tree as part of this grander scale celebration. You can even pin your new sapling to the map! The map enables you to see your tree among the thousands of others in the green canopy. 

Planting a tree as an individual, you might be wondering if it is even worth it. Small acts can make a more significant difference than we might imagine, particularly when we join up the small acts of many! Tree planting can also be a fantastic way of bringing your community together. Whether a small group or a local business, you too can come together to make a difference. The right season will come around again sooner than you think, so planning ahead will help you put your Green Canopy into action. 

Kate’s Trees

It’s not only royalty who strive to better the future of generations to come. Our own company director, Kate Price, also believes in investing in Yelland Farm for the benefit of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to come. The family have planted hundreds of trees across the site since they first moved in, many of which are growing and thriving. There is something special about investing in generations of family that we are yet to even meet.

A considerable number of these trees were bought from Ashridge and Burncoose Nurseries. We have had great experiences with both of these businesses, and would recommend them if you’re looking for a tree to plant! The Ashridge Nurseries are based in Somerset. They sell a wide variety of plants online, but they also provide the information needed to care for them. Their experience is evident, and the team really know their stuff! Burncoose Nurseries are situated in Cornwall as part of the Caerhays Estate. With gardens to explore, plants to see and buy, as well as an online shop – they are well worth a visit too.

Jubilee Plaques with The Sign Maker

We have been astounded by the number of plaques requested for the jubilee. It has been an honour to enable others to partake in The Queen’s Green Canopy. Each order has been a joyous celebration for us. Not only has it been a great time for us as a family business but we also relish in knowing that so many are investing in a greener future. The Queen’s Green Canopy will leave a legacy of a rein to be proud of, and, at The Sign Maker, we are thrilled to have been even the smallest part of it. 

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