Value-For-Money Signage

At The Sign Maker, we are proud to craft affordable, value-for-money signage – without compromising on quality. Regardless of the sign you order, they are made using a blend of traditional and modern methods by award-winning craftspeople. All of our signs can be tailor-made to your specifications, and we have seen some stunning results. Even if you are shopping on a budget, we believe that we can find a sign to suit you.

It might appear challenging to navigate your way around a sign that is both high quality, and budget-friendly. So, we wanted to write this blog to highlight some of our great value for money signs! 

Value-For-Money House Signs 

Rustic Signage

Rustic signage has a certain charm about it. With rustic signs, you are guaranteed a sign that has a unique appearance and is great value for money! Our rustic timber slices are a perfect example of a value for money house sign. The bark is left on the outer ring of the slice, and the sign is varnished to maintain its appearance. The bark around the edge will eventually fall off as nature takes its course. Some use glue to secure the bark back to the sign, whereas others choose to embrace its barkless appearance! The sign itself, when maintained, lasts much longer.

If you want a timber sign that is budget friendly consider our rustic wooden slices.

The rustic edge slate signs are also a popular choice. The slate is thinner than other slate signs, and the lettering is sandblasted into the slate before being painted. These signs are lightweight, and simple in many ways, but beautifully effective too!

Our rustic slate signs are a budget-friendly option for those looking for stone signs.

Aluminium Composite Signs

Aluminium Composite is a smart material with durability and versatility. Despite being lightweight and environmentally friendly, these house signs are also great value for money. They can be designed in numerous shapes and colours too! For the lettering of these signs, we use top-quality, exterior vinyl which withstands the elements. So, despite being good value for money, we do not compromise on quality!

Aluminium composite is a great value for money material.

Cast Metal House Signs

Our cast metal house signs may not seem like a ‘value for money option, however, it is important to note their longevity. Our cast metal house signs are designed to last for a lifetime and remain in their original condition when maintained in the right way. Though an investment, a cast metal house sign may be an investment worth making! 

Cast signs make for beautiful house signs crafted by The Sign Maker.

Business Signage

Selecting signage for your business can, at times, feel like a huge investment. With so many choices, and so much shouldered responsibility on the impact of your business signage, we can appreciate how challenging it can be to select something that is budget-friendly, aesthetically perfect, and crafted to last. If this is something you are concerned with, then you are in safe hands with The Sign Maker. Below we have explored some great value for money business signage, all of which are handcrafted, bespoke pieces that would be a credit to your business, commercial property or attraction site. 

Hanging Signage

Hanging signage is a traditional choice for businesses. These signs help to grab the attention of those who pass by with ease, representing your business before someone even enters your property. At The Sign Maker, we made a wide range of hanging signs, so we have explored a few of our favourites below.

The aluminium composite framed wooden signs are a popular choice, particularly for those with a slightly lower budget. These signs are double-sided, which can be a real advantage for business signage. The piece is then framed (typically in Oak, Iroko, or Sapele for a painted frame). These signs look fantastic, and they are an affordable option for a business sign. 

Choose from our hanging sign range for a budget-friendly business sign.

Hockey Stick Signs

Our popular painted hockey stick signs are made from tricoya. Tricoya is a stable wood-based material that is weatherproof and comes with a 50-year guarantee. This could be a really attractive prospect for your business. 

You can choose both the main colour of the stick and the colour used for the lettering from a wide range of standard and additional colours – enabling you to design a sign that works for you and your business. These signs are great value for money, particularly as they are long-lasting, with opportunities to add a coat of Coach-Kote which is a clear coach enamel to really give your sign the best layer of protection against the elements.  

Our range of painted hockey stick signs here at The Sign Maker are an excellent house sign or business sign choice.

Aluminium Composite Signboards for Businesses

Signboards are used for a wide range of purposes within business settings. Our aluminium composite signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, as well as being both tough and long-lasting. Generally, aluminium composite is cheaper than solid aluminium, but it is still versatile and durable. 

Additionally, it is available in our whole range of colours too.  These signs can also be shaped for a more interesting look, but they still remain great value for money.

High-quality business signs at affordable price crafted at The Sign Maker.

Signage On A Budget

This is just a snapshot of some of the signage that we create, but we hope it helps to illustrate what can be achieved, even on a budget. Value for money signage at The Sign Maker still equates to high-quality bespoke signage, which is something we are proud to offer. If you have any questions or queries, we would love to hear from you. Our fantastic customer service team are here for you, and we can’t wait to speak with you. 

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