Natural Wooden House Signs

Here at The Sign Maker, there is a wide variety of wooden timber to choose from. As a buyer, we are aware that this may make choosing a specific timber for your sign a daunting process. However, we have created a handy guide to take you through this process to enable you to choose the right timber for you. 


Oak is one of the most popular timbers used for house signs; they are a traditional choice with a stand-out finish and are a practical yet aesthetic choice. They make a statement with a majestic appearance and the weightiness of the wood feels great quality. Variations in texture, grain and colour give your sign a unique look and the small pin knots and burrs are an attractive feature. Oak is a wood known to be strong and durable (when maintained) without compromised beauty. 

Our wooden signs in the oak timber come in a variety of sizes as standard but they can also be made to measure (like a number of our other signs). Additional design and shaping features can also be added at your request through the website (quotes for these are also available).

If you are looking for a long-lasting, beautiful and bold sign, then oak is the timber for you. 

Oak makes for beautiful wooden signs. Its traditional look, lovely grain and durable nature made for an excellent choice.


Iroko is a timber that is imported from West Africa that has a similar appearance to teak (a dense, close-grained hardwood). The colour of teak can vary – though it is typically a golden pale brown. Its distinctive appearance developed richness in colour over time is unique. Texturally, the interlocking grain produces fascinating patterns and it can be coarse to touch. Iroko has a density that makes it a stable timber choice – ideal for outdoor usage as a result of the natural oils within the grain. Unlike oak, it can be left untreated, though if you want to maintain your sign, then a gentle lick of Devon Oil will keep it in optimum condition. 

The lettering on the Iroko timber can be carved or lasered into the grain and additional features and sizing options are available to you.

If you’re looking for an outdoor, low maintenance, yet highly attractive wooden sign, then Iroko may be the timber choice for you.  

Iroko is a oil rich timber making it a great choice for outdoor wooden signs. Crafted here at The Sign Maker.


Without a doubt, Sapele is an extraordinary hardwood. Its mahogany-like appearance wows with tones of red and brown within the grain. Enchanting and lustrous, a sapele wooden house sign will stand out and impress. Harder than oak and good value for money, this type of timber could be the one for you. 

Typically, these wooden signs are carved into and then painted (a colour selection can be made at the point of ordering). Sapele wooden signs should be maintained with an oil or a varnish to keep this beautiful, enriched finish alive. 

If you are looking for a wooden sign of good value and stunning appearance then the sapele timber may be right for you and your sign. 

Sapele provides a mahogany style look to a wooden house sign, made at The Sign Maker.


The chestnut wood used at The Sign Maker is all grown in the South West and sourced from a local timber yard. You may choose chestnut if you are passionate about sustainability and locally sourced materials – while also desiring a durable and beautiful sign for your home. Chestnut wood is often grown in coppiced woodlands – woodlands where the trees are felled near the base of the tree to allow them to regrow providing a sustainable supply of the timbre to create more sustainable signs.   

Though previously seen as the ‘poor man’s oak’, we believe that solid chestnut signs are a solid oak alternative. Despite not being as structurally strong a material, chestnut has a dense grain and a high tannin content which makes it highly durable. The chestnut signs can be left untreated, though one of our wooden treatments will stop the effects of weathering upon the colour and keep your sign in its best condition.  

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant, sustainable house sign – then the solid chestnut timber may be perfect for you. 

Chestnut is a great alternative to Oak as it is very similar but not as expensive. Crafted by carpenters here at The Sign Maker.

Rustic Timber Slices

Using rustic timber slices for your house sign is a truly unique and interesting choice. Your sign will be an entirely individual product made for you because each piece of timber used is different. 

These signs are made in three sizes (small, medium and large depending on the writing wanted on the sign) and the bark is left on the sign, which is different to many of the others made at The Sign Maker. We can sometimes offer larger sizes so please contact us and we will check our stock. It is important to note that the bark will inevitably fall off at some point. This is something to think about when choosing your wooden timber. Some people choose to glue it back on, others leave it and embrace that the sign will have a different look at some point in its life span. 

Generally, the whole piece is varnished with long life, satin varnish (though we can leave it untreated if you wanted to use a different finishing varnish).

The rustic timber slice signs have a unique aesthetic that we think looks very picturesque, so if you’re looking for a sign with that special and unique appeal, then this may be the timber choice for you. 

All in all, we believe that all timbers used at The Sign Maker are of good quality and will make your investment into a house sign worthwhile. Each sign is unique, as each piece of wood is, and we hope that this enables you to make a choice that works for you. 

Rustic timber slices are a great choice for a wooden house sign.

More information can be found on our website, online shop, or by making an enquiry online or over the phone. We are here to help you and to make a sign that you can be proud of. 

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