Post Tops – The Choices

Here at The Sign Maker we like to give you plenty of choices as we feel every sign should be as unique as the home it is placed in. However, we know that sometimes with lots of choices it can become a tad overwhelming. Therefore, we like to help out on our blog with information and helpful tips. This week we wanted to focus on our post tops, so if you are looking at posts and arms or an entrance sign then give this blog a read. 

Our Standard Range

Standard Post Tops 

If you are looking for something elegant but understated then our standard post tops are the right choice for you. They have a simple bevelled top and look great on natural wooden signs or painted signs. 

Our standard post tops are simple and elegant, made here at The Sign Maker.

Shaped Post Tops

These beautiful post tops are the perfect choice for someone looking for something a little more dressy but still understated. The top of the post is curved over and two routered groves are carved into the post. 

For something a little more decorative pick the shaped post tops at The Sign Maker.

Post Caps

For some customers the post cap stands superior to all the others, it is created by using another piece of timber which is given a bevel of either a 45 degree or shaped and then dowled onto the post. 

For something a bit different have post caps on you wooden entrance sign or post.

Gothic Post Tops

If you are wanted to post or entrance sign to provide a WOW effect then the gothic post tops might just be the right one for you. The lengthened post top creates a very theatrical finish. 

The Gothic post top adds a luxurious finish to an entrance sign, made here at The Sign Maker.

Decorative Post Tops 

Two new additions are our decorative post tops. These are made separately to the post and fixed on using wooden dowels. These beautiful post tops are only available for our large posts 4 x 4 inches in width.

They come in hardwood, softwood and come in the following shapes, Acorn, Ball and for the Oak tops they can be square. 

Beautiful post tops that can be added to our hanging signs with post or entrance signs.

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