It is all about Holidays – but have you got the sign?

It is no secret that most of us are looking forward to a break away this year with all the stresses of the last couple of years has brought us. So for accommodation providers, this must be music to your ears with all the recent restrictions. However, are you ready for your guest’s arrival? We all have our checklists, 

  • Sheets all washed
  • Electrics all checked
  • Fire alarms and Smoke detectors tested
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee ect

But is there one item of your checklist that perhaps you haven’t thought about?

  • Signs!

Signs are often an item we forget about, however, it is an important one. The start of someone’s holiday is the arrival to their accommodation. People like to be able to find it easily and one of the best ways to accommodate this is by have clear signs. Secondly, the first thing you guests are likely to see is the sign and we all know how important first impressions are. Make an amazing first impression with a beautiful sign that reflects the character of both the property and the owners. 

Stone signs are an excellent choice for holiday accommodation providers because they are long lasting and maintenance free.
Stone signs are a great low maintenance choice

What Type of Sign Should I Pick

If you have decided that your signs could do with a spruce up the next thing that can be a bit overwhelming is knowing what type of sign you should have. Here at The Sign Maker we like to spoil our customers with choice but we know sometimes that can make the decision process that bit harder. Therefore, below are some handy tips for picking the right sign for you.

Painted wooden signs are a popular choice for the variety of colours and styles available, perfect for holiday cottages.
Painted wooden signs are ever the popular range

The Style 

The first thing to consider when looking at what signs you should have is style. Like many things in life, it can be down to personal taste. Here at The Sign Maker we like to provide lots of options exactly for this reason. We have signs that suit country modern, modern, classic and traditional. We can achieve these styles through the choice of material, colours and fonts. As well as your own personal style and taste often customers will think about the style of property and how that might reflect the style of sign you pick. For example, a holiday cottage in Cornwall would match very well to a slate sign, while a modern townhouse in the city might opt for a modern clear acrylic sign. 

Here at The Sign Maker we can make vinyl signs to suit your business and holiday accommodation.
Aluminium signs framed in wood

The Maintenance

Here at The Sign Maker, we take pride in using top quality materials, however, each material we use has different care requirements and this is something to consider when choosing your sign. For example, if you purchase a stone sign this is virtually maintenance-free other than an occasional wipe over. If you opt for a natural wooden sign we recommend treating this once to twice a year depending on weather conditions and whether you have it oiled or varnished. 

Natural wooden signs are very traditional and hold a level of elegance and class, an excellent choice for holiday accommodation signs. Crafted by The Sign Maker.
High-quality natural wooden signs


Another factor to consider is of course cost. When it comes to business signs we like to think we have a bit of advantage as we have lots of different styles which meet lots of different budgets. We can supply a more substantial main entrance sign down to small cost-effective signs for directions, toilets etc. 

Further Information 

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