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The United Kingdom is blessed with some outstanding countryside and within that countryside, you find wonderful Farms and Estates. These sites are often relatively large so having the correct signage is almost an essential. Here at The Sign Maker, we like to think of ourselves as the experts in Farm and Estate Signs as our combination of materials enables us to provide them with any type of sign they might need. Often the more natural materials are of the first choice for the main entrance signs while smaller, more information based signs are often made on engraved or vinyl signs. Give the rest of our blog a read to discover what might just be right for you. 

Wooden Signs

When it comes to wooden signs we like to provide you with a large range of choice. Here at The Sign Maker we stock a range of timbers including Oak, Iroko, Douglas Fir, Accoya and Tricoya. If you are wanting to stick to something more natural then Oak is traditional, durable and beautiful however does require some maintenance, but for those willing, it will last a long time. Iroko is another fantastic timber and requires slightly less maintenance then Oak, is it naturally very oily which means it can only be treated with an oil and will just need regular re-oiling. Unlike Oak which has quite a consistent colour, Iroko can vary producing lovely patterns in larger signs. If you are in need of a very large sign then we can not recommend Douglas Fir enough, it has a beautiful reddish tone to the grain and is extremely hard and durable. It is resistant to water which makes it a good choice for more exposed and difficult to reach locations. 

Pick from a range of high-quality timbers for your next farm or estate signs.

If you are looking for something with a more fresh, modern approach but still want to keep the material natural then you are in luck as our painted wooden signs are bound to meet the bill. We make them from Oak, Sapele, Accoya and Tricoya. Oak is beautiful because unlike the other timbers the grain will still come through the paint, however, because there is some movement in Oak is does not bond to the paint as well as the other timbers. Sapele and Accoya both provide an excellent finish. For something a little cheaper, Tricoya is the answer a wood-based board that comes with a 50 year above ground guarantee! Making it a very durable timber indeed. 

Enjoy a range of high-quality painted wooden signs from The Sign Maker for your farm or estate.

Stone Signs

For those of you who are looking for something low-maintenance but will stil provide that wow-factor, we recommend a stone sign. A natural material that blends in with its natural surround yet still makes a statement. When it comes to choice, here at The Sign Maker you have lots of it. We make stone signs just the way you want them. We craft them in Slate, Granite, Purbeck Stone, LimeStone and Sandstone. All of these materials can be crafted in small signs, large signs, entrance signs or we even craft Purbeck and Granite boulders. All the signs can come in any size, any font and any image you would like. We have designers onsite that will draw up the design and if you have a logo we can incorporate it into the design. 

Purchase your bespoke stone estate sign from The Sign Maker in North Devon.

Engraved Signs

We know that if you have a large farm or estate and you need more then a couple of signs you are going to want to keep the costs down. That is why we have an excellent range of engraved materials that are still very smart but make for excellent information signs. Our first material is Corian, it is a man-made material created with stone dust and resin. It provides you with a material that looks and feels very much like stone but is completely uniform with no marks or fault lines. It comes in a range of colours including slate and is fantastic as an information sign as we can fit lots of text onto it. Another brilliant material is or anodised aluminium, again a very smart material at a great price. It too comes in lots of colours and can fit lots of text onto it. All our engraved materials are long-lasting and durable. 

Here at The Sign Maker we have an excellent range of engraved plaques that are cost effective for business use.

Vinyl Signs

An alternative to engraved materials are our vinyl signs, these are great value and very durable. Our main choice would be aluminium composite with vinyl lettering. The aluminium composite comes in a range of colours with our most popular being slate, dark grey, black and green. The lettering comes in a large section of colours or if you can a more complex logo we can use printed vinyl instead. 

Vinyl signs can be a great choice for information signs for farms an estates.

Further Information 

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