Hanging Signs

Here at The Sign Maker, we craft an excellent selection of hanging signs. In fact, there is such a wide selection that we thought we would try and simplify it into a blog post to make it clear. Therefore, below you will see our extensive range of hanging signs from which you can choose.

Natural Wooden 

Having started the whole company based on the crafting wooden sign, they have remained a timeless favourite here at The Sign Maker. However, since starting, our range of natural timbers has grown. Our most popular woods are traditional Oak, Iroko and Sapele. Oak is a very beautiful timber, with lovely variations in grain, texture and colour. It is a very hard wood and is strong and durable. Iroko is a timber that is darker in colour, and it is filled with its own natural oils which help to make it durable. Finally, Sapele is a rich timber that has a variable reddish-brown colour. It is a very hard timber and great value. 

Natural wooden signs made from Oak, Iroko and Sapele by The Sign Maker.

Painted Wooden 

Since expanding our range here at The Sign Maker we began research into painted signs, and now it is one of our most popular ranges, and that includes our hanging signs too. Our painted signs are made from a selection of different timbers including Oak, Accoya and Tricoya. Oak is lovely because the grain will still show through the paint. While Accoya is a brilliant timber for painted signs because there is minimal movement in the timber and the paint bonds very well to create a beautiful finish. Finally, Tricoya is a superb material that is made from the shavings of Accoya and set with a resin. It is a material that works very well for painted signs, and the timber itself comes with a 50 year above ground guarantee. We do also offer framed painted signs which have a traditional feel.

Painted wooden signs are a beautiful way to combine a modern look with a natural material.


When it comes to vinyl style hanging signs, then we have quite the selection. One of our favourites is that of our framed aluminium composite signs. The centre of the sign is made from aluminium composite while a wooden frame is crafted around the edge. We think it is a beautiful way to combine a traditional and natural material together. These can come with a natural or painted wooden frame. Other vinyl options include solid aluminium hanging signs and PVC  hanging signs – all of which you can find out more information on our website. 

Hanging vinyl signs made in a vast variety of styles and shapes and size by The Sign Maker.

Further Information

I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog, if you want to learn more about what we do here at The Sign Maker or how we might be able to help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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