Contemporary Slate Signs

Many people have a battle of tastes between traditional and contemporary. Here at The Sign Maker we have achieved a way to combine both these styles into one product and the outcome is beautiful.

Contemporary slate signs made by The Sign Maker in North Devon
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Our Contemporary Slate

Slate is a beautiful, very traditional material that looks marvelous on lots of different style homes. But what the material was lacking was the contemporary feel, so The Sign Makers research and development team spent some time working on the product. The end results has been our painted slate signs that are made in reverse of the traditional ones.

We coat the signs in a hard wearing two-pack paint and then sandblast or laser the lettering out. Creating a stunning, contemporary finish on a traditional material.

Painted S;ate signs manufactured by The Sign Maker in their rural workshops, North Devon.
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Your choices

When it comes to choice we always like to provide you with lots of it. First is the slate size, shape and thickness. Choose from square, rectangle, round or oval and have any thickness between 12-75mm thick. This size is also up to you, we always suggest measuring the space you want the sign to be situated in and we can go from there. As for fonts and images there is an abundance of choice. One of the most important choices on this type of sign is the paint colour. We have a whole range of stock colours available but if you find a Farrow & Ball colour you like that we don’t stock we can always match for an additional charge.

Get in touch

If these contemporary slate signs have interested you be sure to get in touch. We are here to help and answer any questions you might have. You can also buy online now or email us for a quote to save on your time. Alternatively if your not sure that slate is the right option for you, take a look at our house sign page for more help.

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