Beautiful, carpenter crafted photo frames

A photograph is a beautiful way of encapsulating a memory and being able to treasure it always. What better way then to enjoy that photograph that but more with a beautiful photo frame. Here at The Sign Maker we make high quality bespoke photo frames. They are perfect for your home or to give to friends and family as a gift.

Beautiful hand crafted photo frames made by The Sign Maker
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How they are made

As always, we like to ensure that our products are of the very highest quality and craftsmanship. And our photo frames are no different, handcrafted by carpenters these charming photo frames can be made from Oak, Iroko or Sapele depending on your preference. Click here to learn more about our timber range. Then it is passed onto our lasering team who can laser your own personalised message or image onto the frame. To finish the frame is treated with our Devon oil, and eco-friendly oil that is made in Devon and smells gorgeous.

When it comes to the design of your personalised photo frame you can have virtually anything you can think of. We have expert designers to hand who can help you create the perfect design before it goes into production. These photo frames are perfect to mark special occasions such as graduation, wedding days, big birthdays and more.

Hand crafted photo frames made by carpenters at The Sign Maker North Devon
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