Brilliant Brass

Brass, a material that has been around for quite sometime. But a material we feel is a little underrated, given the right care and the right design these signs are simply amazing.

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Here at The Sign Maker we use one of the highest quality brasses on the market, CZ120. Why do we use this when others don’t? Because its the strongest, has the most resistance to corrosion and is the most suitable for outdoor use. So in The Sign Makers terms, the only one to use.

But its not all down to the material, it also takes a flashy design to create a wonderful sign. Well here at The Sign Maker we have expert designers to produce these designs. That alongside our office team we work to ensure that the design is just the way the customer wants it, perfect, before going into production.

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So you see, brass signs may be a traditional material, but with the right design can give a very contemporary feel to it. You may be wondering what type of home suits a brass sign? Well we asked our designers and they told us the houses that look the best with brass signs are town houses or Georgian houses. However we also feel that if you like the way it looks, it doesn’t truly matter what type of home you have, a brass sign is for everyone who wants one.

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Brass signs also don’t need to be for the home, they look great in many business areas too. However one thing you do need to do with brass is give it a little loved. After speaking with the production team our recommendation is to give it a clean 4 times a month. This might seem a lot but actually doing it this often means it will only take a matter of minutes each time to clean. Alternatively you can give it a clean 2 times a month but you may be there a little longer giving it a clean. Regular brasso is the best to use. Please be aware though that brass weathers depending on well, the weather. So if its been particular hard weather be sure to check your brass sign for maintenance in case it needs a little more care.

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