Spring is in the air

As many of you know, here at The Sign Maker we love wildlife and thanks to some recent sun spring feels like its sifting its way back to us. Whether its daffodils standing tall or apple trees blossoming, we are all enjoying that feeling of summer is on the way.

So with the feeling of spring we thought we would chat to you about some of the changes that have been happening here in The Sign Makers garden. Plus we thought we could update you on what we are doing to help these plants kick start their growth.


An old classic that never fails to make you feel like spring is here is that of the daffodils. They are simple perfect, a vibrant color within a garden of greens and browns. Here at The Sign Maker we have been growing the varieties we have. We of course have your standard daffodils, but this year we also have Narcissi Cylamineus Tete a Tete and Narcissi Falcanet, both pictured below. To help give them a bit of a boost we have used some mulch to help keep the soil moist and reduce the competition with weeds.

Plum Trees

Our plums trees have started of the blossoms, producing beautiful flowers against the harsh of winter. Again for these we have proved mulch to stop the weeds and help promote moisture. Plus we have given them Blood Fish and Bone for nutrients.

Cherry Trees

Our Cherry Trees are also providing us with some loving blossoms in the form of these lovely white flowers. Again some mulch and Blood Fish and Bone to help them on their way.

Red Jade Crab Apple

Another one of our trees that is showing some leaves is that of our Red Jade Crab Apple tree. Fantastically droopy and looking very healthy, we decided not to prune him this year due to his early age. Again we have given him a little Blood Fish and Bone to help him on his way. You can purchase Blood Fish and Bone at most garden centers. We wanted to provide the wildlife with a crab apple tree as they provide a food source for many during the winter, including birds.


Finally our willow is growing superbly, with it already flowering. The early flowers that come from willow are an essential source of nectar and pollen for bees and insects. Plus we are growing this willow on to be used for the biomass boiler later down the line. But as always we will always replant for the wildlife. For the willow we have simply strimmed the grass away, but apart from that they grow fast all on their own.

The other things you could be doing in your own garden is mulching, fertilising and keeping those weeds down before they get too busy! And if you haven’t already your apple trees and Buddleia will need pruning but jump on that quickly as time to get that off your list is running out.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, if you did be sure to let us know with a like to comment. Plus if you would like to learn more about what we do here at The Sign Maker for the wildlife check out our website; https://www.sign-maker.net/green.html

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