Spring Is On The Way

It’s that time of year again; Spring is on the way! While Spring is known to be busy at The Sign Maker, we make time to admire the changes in nature. The season brings about new floral blooms and spring wildlife, in addition to longer daylight hours and (fingers crossed) some warmer weather.

Flowers In Bloom

Having enjoyed a plentiful season of snowdrops and daffodils this year, we’re already anticipating what will come next! We imagine that yellow will the coming weeks will see yellow continue to be the most prominent floral theme. That being said, we have high hopes for the arrival of blossom and bright bonnets of blue early next month. Onsite, we adore seeing the flowers emerge as the seasons change, and Spring is perhaps our favourite time to track their growth.

Spring Is On The Way | Spring Flowers at The Sign Maker

Spring Wildlife | Onsite & Further Afield

One of our favourite things about the arrival of Spring is the Spring wildlife! From bounding lambs across the fields of Devon to nesting birds, tadpoles and baby bunnies – it is wonderful to see the local area alive with animals.

Onsite, we have already noticed the frog spawn arriving in several of our wildlife ponds. Year upon year, we are surprised with just how many frogs take advantage of our wildlife haven. Although, we are, of course, delighted that our biodiverse habitats are fulfilling their intended purpose! In addition to this, the number of birds exploring the site appears to have increased. We hope that a variety of native shrubs, trees and bird houses will be appealing for nesting birds. We anticipate that the flowers being in bloom will bring about a higher presence of bees at Yelland Farm in the upcoming season, particularly when our wildflower meadow flourishes.

Offsite, we can’t help but be a little bit in love with all the lambs in particular (although pictures of the piglets at The Big Sheep and other local farmyard sites are a close rival for the cuteness factor)! Spring is well and truly on the way!!

Spring Is On The Way | Spring Wildlife at The Sign Maker

The Sign Maker’s Spring Tips

There are many ways in which you can prepare for Spring for the plants and wildlife. Here are just a few tips to get you started!

1) Create Biodiverse Habitats

Biodiverse habitats are simply spaces that can bring about diversity wherever you are. Creating a biodiverse habitat doesn’t require large amounts of land or space – you can create something smaller that works for you! Whether creating a small natural pond from an old box or barrel, or planting up a pot of wildflowers that can be enjoyed by the birds later this spring, we’d love to see what habitats you can create where you are.

2) Plant for Nature’s Pollinators

Spring is a season where nature’s pollinators come into their own. By planting up even a small collection of flowers that are well suited to bees and butterflies, you’ll be supporting their very important role in the eco-system.

Spring Is On The Way

3) Control The Weeds

Kate (our director) had one main piece of advise – ‘get on top of your weeds’! Weeds have a tendency to weaken and compete with garden plants. Tackling them early will make your overall plant care easier in the long run. While this might seem like a bit of a tedious job at the time, it’s worth it! We’d advise using trowels and garden forks to pluck the weeds at the root – reducing their likelihood to grow back and protecting the plants around them without using chemicals that can be harmful to animals.

4) Refrain from Overusing the Lawn Mower

Now that Spring is on the way, it might be tempting to get your lawn mower out regularly, but have you considered the impact of this on the local wildlife? Ground feeders and inhabitants are vital to a biodiverse area which is why we try to allow areas of our lawn to grow. In mowing the lawn less frequently, you’re allowing nature to take its course between mows!


The birds tend to come to nest in early spring, right through until the summer. Ensuring the birds have enough food to survive and thrive is imperative to their success in breeding season. At The Sign Maker, we like to lay out a range of food from various feeders. We find that this encourages a variety of birds to elect Yelland Farm as their home. This is because we provide a place where they can get everything that they need as they nest.

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