What makes a Holiday Let?

Standing Out From The Crowd

We won’t have been alone in romanticising the idea of owning a holiday property. The last number of years have challenged previous ideals of travelling abroad and expensive holidays. This has led many of us to re-evaluate just how we holiday! Not only has this shifted what people are looking for from some time away, but there have also been shifts for those who own and manage properties in popular tourist destinations.

In 2019, a survey revealed that of the 2.4 million British residents that own a second property, nearly a third use it as a holiday home. This indicates to us that standing out has never been more important for holiday let owners. While the demand is there, the competition is also rising. So, we’ve pulled together some thoughts about what your holiday home may be in need of to keep occupancy up in this season!

Holiday Cottage Signs | What makes a holiday let?

Soft Furnishings

Providing your guests with a comfortable experience is likely to be important to you! Pinterest trends suggest that a light, airy space that embraces quirky, cosy features might be what your guests are looking for. This can certainly be achieved with soft furnishes. Everything from blankets and cushions to curtains and bed spreads can make a significant difference to your rental let.

When you think of personalising soft furnishing, you might first picture kitsch cushions with ‘home sweet home’ embroidered across them. But, what if personalisation could look classy and confident instead? For instance, colour schemes and subtle transferable patterns can be a unique way of embracing a softer feel. Perhaps nods to time periods or the local surrounding area might be more your style. These touches can be mirrored across soft furnishings that transform your holiday home; personalised flourishes that move with changing trends.

Sign Decor

While we imagine you have considered many things, one thing you may not have considered is the sign decor. They say “you’re never fully dressed without a smile” – so, in the same vein, can a holiday let really be the home away from home you want it to be without a sign? Whether you’re new to owning a holiday let, or you’ve been established in the business for years – there is something special about custom signs. Here at The Sign Maker, we can craft signs for all of your holiday accommodation needs. From exquisite Entrance Signs to simple Information Signs – we help you create a linear sign collection that truly showcases your site or property.

Holiday Cottage Signs | What makes a holiday let?

Given that we are situated in the heart of North Devon, we are familiar with renowned holiday homes. Having been in the sign-making industry for over 20 years, we observe the signage that creates an impact. As a result, our team can be on hand to ensure signage fulfils its potential. We like to champion fellow businesses, which is why we enjoy working alongside others on their signs. We’re aware of the difference a good sign can make – so we hope to be able to work alongside you too.

Holiday Cottage Signs | What makes a holiday let?

Home Baking, Local Produce and Connection

Offering the basics is one thing, but how can you go above and beyond for your guests? It might surprise you to know that people are seeking more than just the run-of-the-mill amenities. If this is what they were looking for, a standard hotel or a staycation would perhaps be all they needed. Owning a holiday let is no longer just about the facilities you’re offering, but about the experience.

The experience can be brought to life in many ways. Some of our favourite ideas include home baked goods and gifted local produce. Of course, these mean very little unless you’re connecting with your guests through welcome notes and exemplary hospitality. You might be surprised how much more is forgiven when you connect with your guests and appear human to them! Your guests will remember the way that you made them feel. This is enhanced by the service you offer and the atmosphere created in your holiday let.

What We Believe Makes A Holiday Let

While there are infinite details you can add to your holiday let to help it feel like home, these top tips and stylistic features will give your Holiday Cottage, Shepherd Hut or Air B&B the finesse that it deserves.

These stand-out details keep people coming back to their homes away from home – your business deserves to be etched in the hearts and minds of those who visit!

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