Memorial Tree Plaques

Memorial trees and shrubs have become an increasingly popular way of celebrating the life of a loved one. Consequently, memorial tree plaques have grown in popularity! While we have crafted memorial plaques for a number of years, as a result of their popularity, we have continued to expand our range so that you find the perfect fit for what you’re after.

From wooden crosses and timber posts to metal tree stakes and plaque holders – our memorial range is extensive but we can also tailor a memorial around your specifications; just let us know what you’re looking for!

Memorial Tree Stakes

Tree Stake Memorials are the perfect accompaniment to a memorial tree. A tree stake helps to display a memorial plaque with class and with ease. While wrought iron tree stakes are perhaps our most popular tree stakes, our wooden range is also incredibly smart. Each tree stake can be crafted with a plaque in mind, so if you can’t see what your looking for, please do still get in touch.

Wrought Iron Tree Stakes

One of our most popular memorials are the traditional wrought iron tree stakes. These are crafted by our blacksmith and are ideal for smaller plaques which are often chosen for a memorial tree. Wrought iron tree stakes are a simple but effective way of presenting a plaque chosen for outdoor presentation. We’ve seen these plaques being used at traditional burial sites, but they have also been popular for community tree memorials and personal memorial spaces. We offer a number of different types of wrought iron tree stakes. The size and style you opt for will be determined by the size and material of your plaque.

Wooden Tree Stakes

The perfect backing board for your plaque may be one of our wooden tree stakes. Available in three different styles, our wooden tree stakes have proven popular. Because of their natural appearance, we believe that these particular memorials are ideal for tree memorials. They blend with ease into their surroundings while still allowing your memorial plaque to take pride of place. From budget ‘all-in-one’ backing boards to shaped and styled wooden tree stakes, we are sure that we can find a great fit for you. Each memorial that we craft is made to order. This is something that we pride ourselves on as we believe this gives you the freedom to design a bespoke memorial crafted with you in mind.

Our range of tree stakes is extensive (ideal for some, more tricky for others)! So, we have put together a gallery so that you can see our portfolio of tree memorial plaques more clearly.

Wooden Post Memorials

Wooden post memorials are ideal if you’re looking for something suitable for a natural burial. Their metal free structure and expert craftsmanship lends them to being great for outdoors. We also recommend these memorials for memorial trees – regardless or whether this is on a site or at home. The lettering is engraved directly in to a wooden plaque. Then, a post can be ordered separately so that you can desire a memorial that is just right for you.

Each wooden post memorial is crafted to order giving you the flexibility to decide on your ideal design. From varying heights and sizes to different timbers, finishes and costs – our talented craftsmen can come alongside you throughout the design process.

Memorials from The Sign Maker

Tree memorial plaques can be a comfort to those at a time of grief; though we appreciate that choosing a tree memorial plaque (or any memorial) may come at a challenging time for you. Our experienced team balances efficiency and practicality with the sensitivity needed to ensure that you choose just the right memorial. If you’re keen to find out more about our high-quality, sustainably crafted memorial tree plaques, please do get in touch with us.

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