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With Christmas little over a month away, we thought we would share a post on signs for Christmas! If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that we craft such a wide range of signage. From house signs to sign boards, we are proud to offer signage to suit any budget and design aesthetic. In this particular post, we hope to showcase some of our gifting recommendations and bespoke Christmas signage. In addition, we will also give you an exclusive sneak peak into what you can expect from Christmas at The Sign Maker this year!

Give Your Christmas The Personal Touch

We know that Christmas is a time of festive traditions, typically amongst family. Baring this in mind, we have brought out a new product especially for your family Christmases.

As a family business ourselves, there is something about our new personalised ‘Christmas Eve Treat Boards’ that feel very much like a gift from our family to yours. Laser engraved with the opportunity to include your children’s names, we hope that these festive treat board’s will be a festive tradition to cherish for a lifetime.

Personalised Christmas Eve Treat Board | The Sign Maker

The joy of offering bespoke signage is that, technically, we could make any of our signs festive for you! From the inclusion of festive images to signage that transforms your home into a mini Santa’s grotto, we’d love to be a part of making your Christmas magical this year.

Our embossed and enamelled signs are a vibrant choice for festive house signage. Affordable and stylish yet tough and durable – we’d love to see you getting creative with Christmas signs for your Christmas set up (see the images below for some mock-up inspiration)!

Signs To Give This Christmas

If you’re looking for a thoughtful, long-lasting, sustainable gift idea – then you’ve come to the right place. We believe that our house signs and wheel covers in particular would make exceptional Christmas gifts- although our extensive gift selection is also worth a browse.

Signs with a natural effect, such as wood, are great for gift giving! You have a broad range of timber to choose from, and our award-winning craftsmen have a knack for making the simple look exceptional! In terms of design, you’ll have access to a variety of fonts and finishes, so that you can design a dream sign. When designs are partnered with our expert eye, considered crafting techniques and largely recyclable packaging – it is easy to appreciate why we know our signs to make fantastic Christmas gifts.

In terms of gifting a quality, value-for-money house sign, a personal recommendation of ours is Slate. Slate house signs have a classy elegance about them, without losing their ability to be well-lasting and low maintenance. It is easy to add simple images to slate and our stonemason does a great job at getting the stone in its best condition before we send it out to you. We have slate signs to suit a broad spectrum when it comes to budget and these house signs can be ordered right up until the 15th of December this year.

Oak Hockey Stick House Sign and Slate House Sign | Sustainable Signs for Christmas Gifting 2022 | The Sign Maker

Why Purchase from The Sign Maker?

The Sign Maker is a UK-based, family-run sign manufacturing specialists with over 20 years of experience. Long story short – we are big fans of Christmas here at The Sign Maker. Signs for Christmas, whether for your home or for someone else to enjoy, make a difference! Signs are not a impulsive throw away Christmas gift. They are a thoughtful, long-lasting, (in our case) sustainable investment, one that we’d love to support you with!

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