Douglas Fir – The Durable Choice 

At The Sign Maker, we work with numerous timbers. From traditional Oak to sustainable Accoya, our talented craftsmen are able to make beautiful, high-quality signage with the finish that you desire. One timber that we wanted to draw your attention to is Douglas Fir. This timber is distinctive with unique characteristics that make it the perfect choice for signage or memorials.

Timber Profile

Native to western North America, and now found across Europe, New Zealand and South America, Douglas Fir continues to grow in popularity. Its unique appearance is hard to compete with. The gorgeous deep red tones merge with those of orange, and these tones deepen throughout the timber’s growth. Douglas Fir has a prominent, predominantly straight, grain running through it making it distinguished from other softwoods. The grain is coarse to the touch, and hairline cracks can also be a feature of this type of wood. However, this shouldn’t put you off exploring signage crafted with this timber. 

Douglas Fir Entrance Sign

Despite its stunning appearance profile, the best thing about Douglas Fir is its characteristics. Douglas Fir is renowned for being exceptionally durable in comparison to alternative softwoods. The timber is both strong and practical, as well as being water-resistant making it the ideal choice for more exposed situations, though continued maintenance will be required to keep your sign looking its best. 

Signage and Memorials

Douglas Fir timber is planed down to 25mm thick. Though our planks arrive in a standard size, the joy of bespoke signage is that we can tailor-make these pieces to suit you. We can cut down the planks, or join them together, to craft the sign of your dreams. Douglas Fir signage would be ideal for either your home or business as we find that this timber fits in with most settings. You can design your signage with a range of fonts, images and borders, helping you achieve a standout look.

We would also recommend Douglas Fir as a suitable timber choice for memorials. Wooden memorials have a very natural and simple appearance, as well as being a good selection for natural burial sites. Wooden signage has a softness that would make a wonderful memorial tribute at somebodies resting place or a dedicative spot. 

Douglas Fir Sign and Memorial

Signs from The Sign Maker

If you have any questions about the timbers that we use at The Sign Maker, then we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you’ve had a sign made by us already, do share them with us too – we love seeing all your signs in situ.

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