Umbrellas For The Rainiest of Days

Originating back nearly 4000 years ago, the humble umbrella continues to be a popular accessory. When created, umbrellas were designed to provide shade in the sun. Some still use parasols for the warmer weather, however, with the unpredictable British weather, it is far more likely that you would want one to protect you against the rain. When out and about, what could be worse than being caught without an umbrella? That is why we hold a beautiful, fun range of umbrella’s to brighten up even the greyest of days. 

Umbrellas have become an essential household item and there are many types, styles and designs that you can choose from. The foldable umbrella is perhaps the most common. Invented in the 1920s, the foldable umbrella has evolved into the popular umbrella that most people use today. These umbrellas fold up better than the originals, making them perfect for sudden showers. Solid stick umbrellas have a sturdy design. The additional weight of the stick will keep your umbrella strong against the elements so these types of umbrellas are also a popular choice.

Our Range

In The Sign Maker Shop, we have a wide range of umbrellas with animal designs. The British Bird folding umbrella is designed with a range of high-quality photographs of popular birds including a Robin, Blue Tit and Greater Spotted Woodpecker. This Brolly would be fantastic for an avid bird lover or someone who wants to celebrate some of the finest British Wildlife while out and about in the rain. For pet lovers, we have a range of cat and dog umbrellas that are bright, colourful and of great quality too! These umbrellas are certain to bring a smile to the faces of passers-by and should cheer up any rainy day. 

Our animal range of umbrellas here at The Sign Maker will bring a smile to all.

Developing technology has enabled inventors to design umbrellas that are both practical and stylish. The top of the umbrella can be more waterproof than ever before and designs are crisper and can be more advanced. In The Sign Maker Shop, we hold a range of transparent umbrellas with solid stick handles, which we believe look fantastic! 

These transparent umbrellas would be a great gift for a loved one, particularly with Christmas fast approaching. A favourite of ours is the transparent tree umbrella. The natural, bright green is eye-catching and they would bring a bold pop of colour amongst the black clouds that appear on those rainy days. We love the simplicity of the leafy design and we are certain that you will love it too! Another popular pattern is the transparent bumble bee umbrella! Although being an uncomplicated design, the sunny yellow bodies of the bees stand out and the additional flowers between them tie the enchanting pattern together. 

Unique, nature inspired umbrellas create style on elegance while providing shelter from the weather.

Children’s Umbrellas

Umbrellas are fantastic gifts for children too! Kids will love being able to play outside in the rain while sporting a colourful, fun, farm-themed umbrella. In The Sign Maker Shop, we hold four children’s umbrella designs including cows, lambs, chickens and piglets and they have a shorter, more manageable handle to fit the smaller stature of a child. 

It is without a doubt that these adorable umbrellas will go down a storm! There’s rarely a greater joy than pulling on a pair of wellington boots and being able to stomp in the puddles outside. 

Umbrellas are a fun and unique gift. Often, the umbrellas people own or buy for themselves have very little personality or are lacking in colour. These striking umbrellas will treasured for years to come. The umbrellas are good quality with the ability to keep one dry in every unexpected shower or storm. Please see our full range of umbrellas here at The Sign Maker Shop. 

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