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For many of us we do not actually have a house name but rather a number, but who said that means you can not still have a beautiful sign? Here at The Sign Maker we think that your house number sign should be beautiful. Something that reflects both your style and taste and suits your home. So we thought we would put together a quick post that gives you an overview into what your house number sign might just be.

The Material

The first thing to think about when looking for a new house number sign is what material you want. When choosing a material there is two main categories, the look and the maintenance. You want a house number sign that suits both your style and your homes style. For some that is ultra modern like our clear acrylic signs (painted of clear). While others prefer traditional timber, cast or stone. Finally, some like to mix it up with materials opting for a traditional material like timber or stone but using modern techniques for a twist. However, you also need to think about maintenance! Some people don’t mind having to occasionally re-oil a wooden sign while others much prefer to put it up and never think about it again. So we thought we would make the decision process even easier with a quick guide to some of our materials below.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs make for beautiful house number signs, they ooze quality and are a real tactile material. Our traditional timber signs in either Oak or Iroko are stunning. Oak is traditional and with our industrial satin varnish will last a considerable length of time. Iroko is a slightly more modern timber, it is darker in apperance and is only oiled due to its naturally oily substances. However, both of these materials will need some care from water damage. An alternative from the traditional timbers is our painted wooden signs. They provide and edge of modern techniques with a feel of the traditional materials.

Beautiful, high quality wooden house number sign by The Sign Maker.

Stone Signs

Here at The Sign Maker we have a good selection of stones to choose from for a wonderful house number sign. Traditional slate is always a popular choice, as with all stone it is long lasting and maintenance free bar an occasional wipe over to remove any dirt. For a twist you can choose to have a laser etch design on your stone or even have the whole sign paint with the number blasted out. Another beautiful material for house number signs is granite, it oozes quality and is provided with a high quality finish.

High quality stone number signs made by The Sign Maker.

Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs are often the way to a modern house number sign. with the likes of our clear acrylics you can have a really simple but modern design. For a more colourful but still modern feel you can choose to have you clear acrylic painted and have the number etched out. Other vinyl signs include printed and cut vinyl onto a range of different material including Aluminium composite which is also very cost effective.

Interesting vinyl house number signs crafted and designed at The Sign Maker.

Engraved Signs

Finally, here at The Sign Maker we have a good selection of engraved materials that make for wonderful house number signs. Corian is one of our most popular engraved house sign materials, it is maintenance free, long lasting and comes in a range of uniform colours. Other alternatives include Acrylic laminate which is also maintenance-free, long lasting but also budget friendly.

Beautiful engraved house number signs made by The Sign Maker, North Devon.

The Design

The second part to choosing the right house number sign for you is the design. For some a simple number in a pretty font is all that is required. Here at The Sign Maker we have a good selection of fonts to choose from so your design can still be unique to you. But we also have a range of images including decorative borders for those of you who enjoy something a little more on their sign.

Further Information

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