Corian Signs

Now when someone mentions the material corian to you its likely that you are going to think about kitchen worktops. However here at The Sign Maker we have found alternative uses for corian. All of which have been a great success for high quality, very low maintenance signs and memorials.

How we have used corian

At The Sign Maker we use corian for a whole variety of different products including plaques for house signs, memorials and even business signs. All of which you can see examples of below. Additionally we use corian as part of our entrance sign range. It is used in our superior entrance signs where the corian is inserted into the timber. This creates a high-end entrance sign that oozes quality. Our latest creation with corian is that of our corian memorial crosses. It create an interesting alternative to oak and with much less maintenance.

Corian plaques and house signs by The Sign Maker, North Devon
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Why we think corian is so great

There is lots of reason why corian has become a very popular material. Firstly there is a wide range of colour options available which means your sign can be truly unique to you. A second benefit of corian is that it has a uniform colour unlike natural stone materials where pyrite can come through. Furthermore, one of the main benefits that makes customer choose corian over stone is the small text and fine detail corian allows. A final benefit of corian is how little maintenance it needs, once it positioned where you want it an occasional wipe over is all it will require.

Corian crosses made by The Sign Maker
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For more information about corian signs and memorials just get in touch using any of the below methods. Or if corian wasn’t quite what you were looking for try the rest of our blog for more ideas.

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