Perfect Polyurethane

Polyurethane, a material you may not have heard of but one we think is great and could suit many homes. Why? Because this very high quality material is extremely tough and hard material. It is very solid, rigid and does not corrode, which means there’s no maintenance and it will last a very long time. Yet if your someone who enjoys the traditional look of cast signs, well you get the best of both worlds with today’s technology manufacturing a superior material. Yet with the traditional look of previous cast signs.

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The other benefits of these signs

One of the reason we love polyurethane signs so much is because of the beautiful motifs you can have with these signs. We have everything ranging from beautiful birds and flowers, interesting motifs and smart animals. These are all hand painted which adds to the authenticity of these beautiful signs. An additional benefit of these signs over that of the cast metal signs is that the lettering is crisper which adds to the overall finish of the sign. Furthermore, Polyurethane is practically inert towards the environment and contains no atmosphere damaging chlorofluorocarbons, so for us here at The Sign Maker another big win.

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Who these signs are good for

They are fantastic for house signs due to their traditional look and intricate motifs, but due to the resistance to the environment they also make great business signs. Whether you have lots of road pollution, salt water spray and even chemical attacks Polyurethane will resist it all. An additional benefit for business signs is that customer artwork can indeed be included.

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