International Women’s day

Its international women’s day today and in host of such a wonderful day we wanted to share stories from the women within our own team here at The Sign Maker.

Louise works within the office looking after the wood department. Her inspiring women is Irena Sendlerowa, a polish worker who saved 2500 Jewish babies and children from Nazi death camps. The reason Louise has chosen this extraordinary women is because Irena didn’t feel she was a hero, didn’t think about the risk. She does did it, because it was the right thing to do.

Kate one of the Managing Directors has two inspiring women, Margret Thatcher for standing up for her beliefs and working tirelessly within a mans world. And the queen because she had broken down barriers in association with age, and rather then retire has proven how capable she is to help run the country even at the age of 92 years of age.

Clare our office manager has chosen princess Dianna for always being herself and staying true to who she is, no matter what the rules. Clare has also chosen Emilia Earhart for her tremendous courage. Finally she has chosen someone a bit closer to home, more of a unsung hero, her secondary school P.E. teacher. Clare admitted to be a little naughty at secondary school, but she loved sports. Her P.E. teacher Mrs Hembur helped to keep her on track and taught her to give everything she did 150%.

Ali who looks after the stone and engraved department has chosen someone very close to her, Dee her best friend. The reason Ali has chosen Dee is because no matter what life has thrown at her she has always maintained a positive outlook on life. Dee sadly suffers with some health issues but she has never let this effect her positivity. And even when Dee got made redundant, she simply bounced back, stayed positive and since then got a new job and even a promotion. So for Ali when she is feeling down about life, she remembers how amazing her friend Dee is and how positive she maintains and becomes that bit more positive herself.

Danielle and I, Poppy have chosen someone rather special to us, our mum. Who has shown us that you can do anything you put your mind to, as long as your willing to work hard enough. And because she is so incredibly strong and hardworking, no matter what life throws at her, she carry’s on in there, ever the optimist.

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