Winter Wildlife

Although we are all getting excited about warmer days and spring only on the horizon, but for the wildlife the harshness of winter is still at play. So here at The Sign Maker we thought we would show you some of the things you could be doing to help the wildlife this winter.

Leave areas for the wildlife

One thing you can do is leave areas of your garden to go a bit wild, for example if you have a pile of leaves you were thinking of disposing off, leave them there until the spring. This type of environment makes for the perfect home for a whole host of wildlife, especially those that hibernate in the winter.

Feed the birds

This is one at The Sign Maker we like to do regular but it becomes ever so important come winter as their food source diminish. Make sure to feed a variety of different bird foods to help provide them with a varied diet. If you are unsure just ask your local pet store who will be able to help you out. Little tip though, they love meal worms!

Feed the others

Your can attract other wildlife into your garden such a hedgehogs, foxes and badgers by providing them with fresh water and even some food.
Food for them includes;
Hedgehog – fresh mince, no milk.
Foxes – chicken, potatoes and bread.
Squirrels – fruit, nuts.
Badgers – cheese, peanuts and fruit.
Make sure you don’t over supply these animals with food as they will become dependent on your supplies and struggle to survive.

Break the ice

If you have a pond it is very important that if it freezes over you break the ice. This is because when they freeze over it produces gases which can be harmful to fish and other wildlife that hibernates at the bottom of ponds.

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