A look at our 2018

2019 another new year, as we look forward to the future and what that may bring for The Sign Maker and all its staff we would like to take a little time to reflect on all the wonderful events of 2018. Our staff worked tirelessly to bring another year of success for a range of different reasons.

We had another year filled with a range of new products some of which are shown below. Just click on the captions to find out more about these products.

2018 also saw us shortlisted for North Devon business of the year award where we came runners up in both categories; Manufacturing Excellence Award and Innovation Award. This was a huge success and a true effort from our staff members who we are rather proud of.

2018 was also the year that our Bees were born. The bee logo here at The Sign Maker has become a strong part of our brand. As an organisation we have always striven to be as environmentally friendly as possible. But we often felt we wanted to go above and beyond that and that’s why we started to plant more trees, build ponds and much more. Then when Kate decided it would be fantastic for the business to have bees, it all just clicked and our caring for the countryside and bee logo was born. View our video below to see all the fantastic environmental activities many of which we did in 2018.

There has been many more events that have happened over 2018, more than we can share. But its wonderful to look back on such a successful year and very important as we can identify what went well and why. And now we can look into the future and continue to move forward.

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