Noris the Newt

Now that the winter nights are drawing in we see the wildlife start to retreat away. However there is still small moments where we get to see the wonderful creatives we share the world with, one of which is is Noris the newt.

wildlife-pond (1).jpg

As you may know from previous blog posts, here at The Sign Maker we have a few ponds. We have three large wildlife ponds, a reflection pool and dew pond. We love our ponds, not only are they beautiful but they are fantastic for the wildlife. And just to prove that they are doing exactly as we wanted (providing homes for the wildlife) we have just found a common Newt (now named Noris) lurking around the ponds. He will be finding a home to hibernate in now that winter is coming and we very please to say that we think he may have a few choices of residents with all our conservation work this year.


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