Revealing in reflections – Our Wonderful New Reflection Pool

Something a bit different this week, a post dedicated to the fabulous landscaping that has been taking place at The Sign Maker.

As well as the Price family moving 6 years ago, The Sign Maker moved too. During this time the home of The Sign Maker has been growing and adapting to become a place of beauty, tranquility and fun. One of the most recents projects being the beautiful landscaped garden of the courtyard.

This space was a very difficult one for Kate and Shaun to decide what to do with. Being on a slope and being very rocky made for a difficult task.

However after much thought, the plans were put into action and we think it looks fantastic.The Sign Maker staff now have a beautiful garden to look out upon and take the time to enjoy on their breaks. What you may also notice is the magnificent rock placed in the water. This is not just for the look but for the wildlife! Birds and insects are unable to drink from straight edges. Therefore, the rock provides a perfect perching edge to take a quick drink.


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