A bird bonanza

Here at The Sign Maker we have been doing all we can to support the local wildlife, and one of the ways in which we have been doing this is by providing the native birds with a food source. So now at The Sign Maker we have a large selection of bird feeders, with a variety of different seeds in order to sustain the bird wildlife.

Bird Pic.jpg

And what a difference it has made to the numbers that we now see on site. When first moving to Yelland Farm and building The Sign Maker offices and workshops there was virtually no birds on the site, not even a resident robin. But now that’s very much not the case, we have not only seen a huge increase in the variety of bird breeds but have seen a considerable increase in the number of birds too. Particularly the sparrows, with numbers soaring to over 60! I think we defiantly have a colony of sparrows now.

bird pic 2.jpg

bird pic 3.jpg

At The Sign Maker we have been using a range of different bird seeds in order to increase and sustain a variety of different bird species. We have found that Mole Valley farmers do a fantastic range of of bird seed, so a big thank you to them for the range!




bird feeders

If you would like to find more information on how you can support your local bird wildlife then be sure to check out the RSB website by following the link;


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