Did you know that we do sand blasting?

Here at The Sign Maker we like to have variety in what we do, so one of the branches we now have is sandblasting on the Sign Maker site. Local customers for a little while now have been bringing their items to us for us to sandblast, after which we can even do a little refurbishing in the form of priming and painting.

You can choose from a variety of colours, including a whole range of Farrow and Ball colours which we are able to match. This has proven very popular as it has enabled customer to match their garden furniture with the colours the colours in their home.

What has been so fantastic is seeing such a wide variety of products being brought to our doors. We have had trailers, to garden furniture, exhausts to toy cars. We have even had new wooden beams brought in from builders to be sandblasted as it helps to give the illusion of an older beam, very fitting for many homes.


Our craftsmen are very skilled, having been sandblasting for several years but more recently putting their skills to work, even with most intricate work.

intricite sand.jpg

If perhaps you have someone old you would like to bring to life, or even something new you would like to look aged, then be sure to get in touch and we can see how we can help.

T: 01769561355
E: sales@sign-maker.net

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