Eco-friendly/natural funerals

These days it is becoming more normal for funerals to be much more personal, being a celebration of life and fond memories. With that, one of the trends that has been increasing in popularity is that of more natural/eco-friendly funerals. Here at The Sign Maker we have created a whole range of wooden memorials that are more environmentally friendly. These signs include;

Wooden Crosses

wooden crosses.jpg


Lawn Memorial

wooden lawn memorials.jpg

Wooden Plaques

wooden memorial plaques.jpg

Shaped Wooden Plaques

shaped wooden memorials.jpg

Wooden Gravestones

wooden-gravestone (1).jpg

If you are thinking that you would like more information into eco-friendly/natural burials then do feel free to contact us. Alternatively if you would like some more tips on eco-friendly/natural funerals follow the link;

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