Our Talented Blacksmith

Here at The Sign Maker we are blessed to have a very talented blacksmith, and we thought that his talent deserved to be showcased to all our customers.

First and foremost our blacksmith makes lots of wrought iron brackets, these are well made, high-quality brackets which we then spray paint black, take a look below at all the different types.

brackets.jpgIn addition to our fantastic brackets, our blacksmith can also may very bespoke products. Below showcases some of his more intricate work including rose arches and gates!


Here is a beautifully wrought iron gate that has been sprayed black. As you can see the design is very effective with intricate sections to showcase the talent of the blacksmith. This gate is actually situated in one of The Sign Makers gardens.rose arch.jpg

These images showcase another fantastic piece of work produced by the blacksmith, a stunning rose arch. This product was made for one of the staff members here at The Sign Maker and she loves it.

Whether you are interested in a bracket or perhaps a bespoke wrought iron product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

T: 01769561355
E: sales.sign-maker.net


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