Lavish Lavender

The lavender is in full bloom here at The Sign Maker and it is beautiful and smell delightful.

lavender blog 1

It has also created a haven for bumble bees and white butterflies as the photos show below.

blog lavender

This lavender is planted in the front of the offices on a beautiful stepped garden which is still under construction, so here is a sneak peak of whats to come…. lots of colour!

lavander 2.jpg

Obviously being a sign maker we couldn’t help but have a sign in there somewhere, but in this instance we have used it as a piece of art rather then a conventional sign and we think it looks fabulous.

lavander and sign.jpg

The sign is made from a handsome piece of slate that has been sand blasted and then painted with lichen green paint. For more information on these signs just follow the link below;

Or do feel free to drop us an email ( or give us a call (01769561355) as we are more then happy to help.

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