Its National Rock Day!

Today is national rock day, or as we like to call it here at The Sign Maker, national stone day. So we wanted to celebrate the day by showing you all some of our favourite stone which comes from all over the world.

The first stone we have selected and is always a firm favourite amongst customers is of course slate. Our slate comes from Brazil and is a beautiful natural slate with all the natural markings. You can choose to have your slate product in a range of different ways from raised and unpainted, letters painted, rustic slate, wedges and even doorsteps.

Slate Signs Slate Signs

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Our second stone of choice has to be granite which is sourced from India! This beautiful material comes in a range of different colours including; Bahama Blue, Emerald Pearl, Kerala Green and many more. Granite signs ooze quality and are exceptionally hard wearing.

granite cover.jpg
Granite Signs

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Purbeck stone is another fantastic stone and is sourced here in the UK in Dorset. Purbeck stone is from the Jurassic era and due to this, you can sometimes see fossils within the stone. Purbeck is a wonderful light coloured stone but can often vary in colour, meaning each sign made is truly unique.

Purbeck Stone
Purbeck Stone

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Stone products also make long-lasting memorials, here at The Sign Maker we offer both slate and granite wedges. The wedges can be directly engraved onto or can have a plaque attached to. They are hard wearing, elegant and perfect for a range of different memorials.

Granite and Slate Wedge
Granite and Slate Wedge

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Now when talking about stone we have to mention our fantastic boulders! These products are showcasing the magnificence of stone in its rawest form while still showing a sophisticated sign. You can choose to either have a granite or Purbeck stone boulder, both giving off a different look and feel, yet both as fabulous as each other.

Granite and Purbeck Boulders
Granite and Purbeck Boulders

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If you interested in any of the products you see or would like any more information please feel free to contact us either by email ( or call us (01769561186).

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