Painted Signs – All the Fashion

Now we all know that when we re-decorate we love everything to match in and look perfect, now you can even do that with your house sign! That’s right, here at The Sign Maker we have created a sign that combines traditional materials and methods with a modern twist, painted wooden signs. And these signs can be painted any of the very popular Farrow and Ball colours.

These painted signs have become all the fashion here at The Sign Maker, becoming one of our best sellers and as you can see from the pictures you can understand why.


We use three different types of timbers for these signs all for different reasons;

Oak – Is perfect for smaller signs and when you like to see the beauty of the grain through the paint.

oak painted
Oak Painted Signs

Accoya – Is a modified timber which is more durable and weather resistant but still shows some grain through the paint.

Accoya Painted Signs
Accoya Painted Signs

Tricoya – If you are not bothered about seeing the grain through the paint then tricoya is for you, being the most durable and weather resistant out of all three timbers but shows no grain when painted.

Tricoya Signs
Tricoya Painted Signs

The paint used for these signs are a two pack paint with hardener for a really tough finish which means these signs are very durable.  In addition to the wide range of colours you can also choose from a wide range of fonts and images, follow the links below if you wish to browse.

To find out more about these signs please feel free to browse the website (link below), email ( us or give us a call on 01769561186.


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