Wooden Hanging Signs

At The Sign Maker we make a large range of hanging wooden signs in a lot of different timbers. Post and arms or hanging from brackets.

You choose the wood, size, font and maybe an image and our designers will create you a unique wood sign.

Post and Arm Wooden hanging Signs – These can be made in Oak, Iroko, Idigbo or Softwood. Oak is very strong, durable and heavy, but it is the most expensive. It is finished normally with a tough satin varnish or painted. It can, however, be finished with Osmo Oil. Iroko is another hardwood and is full of its own oil. We can only finish this type of wood with Danish Oil. Another hardwood is Idigbo. It is much lighter in weight but useful for a cheaper painted post. Finally, there is the softwood – not as durable but much cheaper. Need more info on different timbers?


Wooden Hanging sign with Bracket– The width of your sign will dictate which hanging brackets are suitable. If the hanging sign bracket is to go on a post the PG bracket, TZJECT 9 or a wrought iron bracket is ideal. We have a range of Wrought Iron Brackets made for us by a local blacksmith. But we also offer a huge array of other Brackets. The hanging wooden signs can be made in any of these timbers.


Ordering a Hanging wooden sign can be a little daunting so if you are confused or just need a little help contact us.



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