Horse Nameplates and Stable Signs

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Horse Nameplates and Stable Signs

Every horse deserves a personalised named stable to call their own!


Get your Wooden horse nameplate for traditional stables. Oak is a traditional wood. Iroko is a naturally oily wood so need less maintenance and Sapele has a variable reddish brown colour to it.


Why not a Black Anodised Aluminium for durability.



Or an Acrylic Laminate horse nameplate and chose from a huge range of colours!



Alternatively get a Corian one as it is maintenance free and comes in many colours!


We also offer horseshoe Cast Metal nameplates.

cast stable nameplate


We have a sale throughout the weekend from the 2nd December on all of our stable nameplates and wheel covers. Just use code 5offmygift on our shopping cart or over the phone – 01769 561355.

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