Chicken Update

Well, where has the time gone! Here at The Sign Maker there has been so many things happening that we have forgot to update you on the progress of our wonderful chickens!

Since we last introduced you to them they have been out and roaming the orchard, it was a wonderful experience to let them out of their pen and let them experience more space then they have ever had access to before. Its safe to say they loved it. Now every morning they are let out and then in the evening they are called back into their pen to be shut away for safety. I would like to point out here that it was not quite as easy the first few times we tried to get them back in as this previous sentence may have implied. It may have involved a fair bit of us running around after chickens, I will leave that image with you for your amusement (your welcome). However, thanks to the giving of scraps our chickens have learnt that the big white bucket means yummy food and now all come running to their pen, far more sophisticated.


Not only have we noticed a massive improvement in their personalities, as they have gone from being shy creatures to friendly and inquisitive. But their physical condition has improved greatly, their feathers have begun to grow back and the colour of the yolks in their eggs have gone from a very ill pale to a bright yellow, nearly orange. So not only do we have happier chickens but we also have some very tasty eggs, a good win win all round.

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