We got Chickens!

Here at The Sign Maker we have had one solitary chicken for a long period of time called Esmeralda, however a couple of weeks ago Esmeralda got herself a  bunch of new friends in the form of ex battery hens.IMG_1175

Laura Price another member of the team and the family saw an advert to save ex battery hens from being slaughtered. So off Laura went and collected a dozen of very sad and in poor condition chickens.

Since then we have brought them back and had them shut in their pen in the orchard for a week to let them settle in their new home.

As you can see from the pictures they are looking very rough, they are all lacking feathers and their eggs are of very low quality. However they are already enjoying life with more space so I do not think it will be long before we see great improvements in their condition and start enjoying some yummy eggs. In a few days we are going to release them into the whole orchard during the day (more space than they have ever seen!) and we will update you when we do.IMG_1174

If you are interested in getting some ex battery hens, most places across the country will advertise that they are about to renew their stock, and usually only ask for a donation towards them. So you get very cheap eggs and get to save some chickens. #caringforourcountryside



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