Formatting Wording and Dates on a Memorial Plaque

We know that formatting wording and dates on a memorial plaque can be a little challenging. Honouring traditional memorial etiquette isn’t for everybody. However, many still choose to include names, dates, and a short tribute in the loving memory of a loved one whom they’ve lost. Memorials can serve as a wonderful act of remembrance and celebration. 

The following suggested formats are old-school etiquette or tradition, but they do not have to be adhered to! At The Sign Maker, our customers can always have their memorial plaque made up just the way they want. Simply ask our team, and we will design a memorial that works for you.

That being said, we know that some like to adhere to the traditional formats of a memorial, which is why we have put this handy page of tips together to help with formatting wording and dates on a memorial plaque. 

  • Traditionally the husband is on the left and the wife on the right, that is when viewing from the foot of the graves
  • When it comes to dates you can write them either 12/02/16 or 12-02-16, but we recommend / as it flows better when designing.
  • The in-between ‘dash’ between dates is called an En-Dash and the code is Alt-0150. The En-dash shows that they were alive between those dates, a dash would imply they were alive for only those two days. Regrettably, not all fonts have the En-dash.
    To clarify to difference; [Dash = -] VS [En-Dash = –]

Refrain from worrying too much about memorial formatting as our designers can always support you, but we thought it might be helpful if you are considering the formatting or a memorial plaque for your loved one.

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