Format for wording and dates on memorial plaques

The following suggestions are old school etiquette or tradition, but does not have to be adhered to – our customers can always have their memorial plaque made just the way they want.

Traditionally the husband is on the left and wife on the right, that is when viewing from the foot of the graves

When it comes to dates you can write them either 12/02/16 or 12-02-16, but we recommend / as it flows better when designing.

The inbetween ‘dash’ between dates is called an En-Dash and the code is Alt-0150
Dash = –
En-Dash = –

The En-dash shows that they where alive between those dates, a dash would imply they where alive for only those two days. Regrettably not all fonts have the En-dash.

Don’t worry too much about all this as our designers can always sort it out for you but we thought it might be helpful.

For memorial Inscriptions or poems – click here

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