We thought this was a complaint – but no read on!!

Hello Laura,
My ridiculous husband only tried to fit the new rear wheel tyre cover onto his Landrover Freelander yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately though, he found that it was TOO large!!  Having then come indoors to inform me of this, I immediately burst into tears, to which he replied:-  “I wouldn’t have told you, if I thought you were going to get upset”.
He subsequently learnt that I wasn’t UPSET about the latter, but I then divulged that the original comment he’d made, (after first opening the parcel, regarding his hope that it wasn’t the same picture as he currently owned on his vehicle, was what was ‘tugging at my heart-strings’ and that I hadn’t forgotten either),  instead of saying at the relevant time:-  “What a lovely gift you’ve purchased for me and thank you very much”.  Obviously Frank then found himself trying to console me,whilst sobbing away, and also finally apologised for his initial remark, by adding this one is much nicer too, which doesn’t make a ‘scrap’ of difference from whereI’m standing NOW !!
 Because of learning about the finished product being too large, (and I now understand this would fit an 18, rather than a 16 tyre, which he actually possesses), I went back onto the computer, looking through past e-mails and found my original one, stating the size required; to which my husband confirmed that I had indeed supplied the correct information via e-mail to yourselves, at the outset.  However, I fully appreciate and am also totally aware that it’s far too late now anyway and would add that:- ‘it jolly well serves him right for not checking the size too, when the parcel actually arrived’.  Obviously, he’s realised that it’s far too expensive togo out and purchase five new larger sized tyres, and therefore, he’s forced to reduce the overall outer diameter tyre cover by 4″, he tells me; plus then cut about
1/4″  off, all the way around the circumference – which is displaying the new Valentino Rossi picture too. 
 My e-mail is not being sent as a criticism to you now Laura, nor the Company either for that fact; but I’ll admit that it gives me immense pleasure in pointing out to someone else:- ‘what a complete idiot my ‘other arf’ has been !!  (I’ll certainly be polite, by keeping my language ‘clean’, though no doubt you can imagine that my choice of words weren’t quite so eloquent, or well curtailed, when speaking directly to him).  Perhaps my dear husband will have also learnt a very valuable lesson too on this occasion.  Hey ho.  I’m kind of hoping that you’d like to hear any news, whether it is good or bad, after a customer has finally received the finished product. 
Anyway, may I conclude by saying a very big: ‘thank you very much’ to you, once again especially Laura, and of course, the rest of the team too for all your efforts in getting this product manufactured and sent onto me. 
Yours sincerely, 
Ann ******

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