Inlaid Two Tone Engraved Corian With Hidden Fixings

From: angus robinson <angus@
Date: 6 October 2014 13:26
Subject: RE: Order Ref: 1408.SE.001 Consignment Number 5360997962
To: The Sign Maker <>
We have received the delivery as specified, on time and very efficient, please take this as a complement because I have found that you are an excellent company with which to work.
I have unwrapped the parcel and it is exactly what we ordered, there is however one small query.
The plaque will be attached to the stake, but the parcel did not contain the screws. This is not a problem because I can buy some, provided you give me the precise specification, or you could post separately to the Town Council offices. Please advise your preference.
Many thanks
Angus Robinson

Engraved Corian with hidden fixings

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