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Big, little, round or square, what ever type of wooden sign you desire, we have it. And whats even better, if you think theres something we don’t have, let us know and we wull see what we can do about making it.

So you like the idea of a wooden sign, well good news because here at The Sign Maker we are the experts in all things wood. We also have a fantastic range of different and interesting and of course beautiful wooden signs, Take a look below at just some of the options and their key features to identify what wooden sign might be just right for you.

Oak is one of our most popular timbers and one of the oldest. The timber has fantastic variations within the grain along with both texture and colour. Often pin-knots are an attractive feature. Furthermore, the timber is extremely strong and durable and if maintained well can last a considerable length of time.

Oak Blog.jpg

Iroko has an appearance similar to teak and is imported from West Africa. It is an extremely dense and stable timber, making it perfect for large wooden signs. Additionally it is naturally a very oilly timber, making it perfect for outside use. Furthermore, if your are adverse to treating timber then this is one that can be left untreated.

Iroko Blog.jpg

This is a particularly rich and lustrous timber. The reddish brown colour can often vary from each bit of timber, making each sign that bit more unique. It is a very hard wood, in fact harder then oak. This is a very good value timber.

Sapelle Blog.jpg

This timber is an interesting alternative to oak due to it similar appearance. Grown in the South West and sourced from our local timber yard. The timber has a very dense grain, giving for an interesting appearance. It is not as structurally strong as oak, but for signs this is not something to worry about. A further benefit to this timber is that it can be left untreated, and in doing so will weather to a lovely silver colour.

Chestnut Blog.jpg

Cherry timber has a very fine, straight and close grain. The colour of this timber reddens beautifully as it ages. If well maintained a timber like this can last for a considerable amount of time.

cherry blog.jpg

Red Cedar
Red cedar is a very durable timber for many years of use. With a hight tannin content it produces excellent weathering characteristics. It has a very short grain resulting in minimal warping, which means less work for the owner as theres much less maintenance.
red cedar blog.jpg

Driftwood Effect
If you are after something a little bit different, or love seeing the grain of the timber, then these driftwood effect signs are just right for you. The letters are kept in place while the background is sanded away. This exaggerates the grain of the timber, making for a beachy/rustic sign. Oak is one of the most successful timbers for this but others are available.
Driftwood effect blog.jpg

Elegant Wooden Signs
If you are after a smaller sign, or perhaps need a lot of text put on the sign, then Elegant wooden signs will suit you perfectly. Because the letters are lasered on lots of texts, or detailed images can be crafted on. These signs are often beautiful and extremely intricate.
Elegant Blog

Round and Oval Signs
If you are bored of the same types of signs, then maybe a round or oval  sign will catch your eye. Their interesting shape helps give them an edge. They come in various sizes and can be made out of oak or iroko.
round blog
Rustic Slices
Rustic slices are exactly as they say on the tin, that bit more rustic. And for lots of people, thats just what you’ve been looking for. But were you aware of the wide range of looks you get when purchasing a more rustic sign. Well here at The Sign Maker you can choose from a wide range of sizes, fonts, images and colours to make your rustic sign just right for you.
rustic blog

Entrance Signs
Is your entrance lacking that bit of luxury, or are you friends and family simply getting lost finding you? Well look no further, our beautiful crafted entrance signs could be the answer to your questions. Made from oak or iroko, with a wide range of fonts, images and colours to choose from you are spoilt for choice. Furthermore, you can choose to have a natural wooden sign or a modern painted one.
entance blog.jpg

Painted Signs
If your someone who loves the idea of a wooden sign but is after something a little bit more modern or chic then our painted wooden signs might just work for you. With a range of timbers to choose from along with a huge selection of paint colours, including that of the Farrow and Ball range. You can have your perfect sign in a chiffy.
painted signs blog.jpg

Finger Posts/Post with Arms
If your looking for some height on your sign then perhaps these finger posts or post with arm signs will be suited. These can be made from a selection of different timbers and can be left natural or painted. There is a wide range of colours, sizes, fonts and images to choose from.
finger posts blog

Call us if you need advice. We aim to make your wooden sign, just the way you want it.

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