Wheel Covers


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First Decide the type of Wheel cover-

  1. Lockable Silver Stainless steel Wheel Cover
  2. Semi Rigid Wheel Cover
Semi Rigid Wheel Cover
Stainless Steel Wheel Cover
Stainless Steel Wheel Cover

The Semi Rigid Cover has a rigid PVC disc and a material surround.

The Stainless Steel Cover has a PVC disc and a Stainless Steel outer that is lockable



Second chose to have Full Colour, Full Wrap or Cut Vinyl

Full colour Wheel covers – usually used for Personalised wheel covers for private cars. We can use your artwork or we can use a photo. We can even blend two or three photos.

Full wrap wheel covers – where the design goes right around the curve to the edge of the disk. They do cost a bit more but they look absolutely fantastic, both on private vehicles and for advertising your business.

Cut Vinyl Wheel Covers – One or two colour designs. Simple and more cost effective. Longer lasting and durable.

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