Stone Signs

Stone signs are simply magnificent, and here at The Sign Maker we love making sure we make your stone sign to the highest quality. Browse below to discover what type of stone sign might just be right for you.

Slate is a beautifully natural material that is smoothed but not highly polished. This results in an extremely smart sign that shows the markings of the grain superbly. Here at our workshops we can cut the sign into any size you like, including a range of different thicknesses. Furthermore, should you wish to have a hanging slate sign, we can polish both sides of the sign and have our blacksmith craft some high quality wrought iron brackets.

slate signs.jpg

Painted slate
If perhaps you are someone that enjoys the heavy, high quality feel of stone but wants something a little more modern than our painted slates signs may be just right for you. The whole slate is painted with a hard wearing paint. We then sandblast away the letters, leaving behind a very effective sign. Furthermore, here at The Sign Maker we can match any Farrow and Ball colours, which makes it easier to choose the right sign for you.

painted slate finished

Slate with raised lettering
These beautiful signs are something quite different from what you would normally see when it comes to stone signs. These signs have had the background sandblasted away, leaving the letter raised and unpainted. These enables the beauty of the natural slate colouring to come out in the wording of the sign. You can then choose between having the background left natural or to have it painted.


Purbeck stone
If perhaps you are someone who prefers to have a product that’s sourced a little closer to home then perhaps these appealing purbeck stone signs will suit. Being quarried in the UK (Dorset) these interesting stone is formed on the Jurassic coats and if you look carefully you can actually see fossils incrusted in the material. This is an extremely durable and hard wearing material, perfect for those who would prefer not do any maintenance work on their sign.

purbeck stone.jpg

For some slate might be a bit too simple, if you instead fancied something a little more luxurious than either granite, marble, quartz or limestone might be right for you. All these elegant materials come in a range of different colours to choose from. Granite is a fine to coarse-grained crystalline igneous rock with intense colouration which exudes style. Quarzite rocks are metamorphosed sandstone with a smooth surface. Quartz-based engineered stone provides a durable, non-porous, scratch-resistant and low maintenance surface and is approx 10mm thick.


Coloured slate
Coloured slate is that little bit more different from your standard slate, with a wide range of different colours. Choose between; Ocean, Brazilian Green, Silver Shine, Heather Shine and Silver Nickle. All of these coloured slate have unique markings, which means your signs is truly unique to you.

coloured slate

Rustic Slate
Now we love clean cut sign, but sometimes a more rustic feel can be perfect. That’s why we developed these beautiful rustic slate signs. These are excellent value for money and with a wide range of images, fonts and paint colours; including Farrow and Ball colours you can have the perfect sign for you.

rustic slate

Corian Engraved inserts
Something for those in need of something a little bigger, these handsome engraved inserts sit gracefully within wooden frames and posts combining the two materials perfectly. Choose between painted wood or natural and a wide range of different corian inserts.

engraved inserts

Round and Oval Stone
Our shaped signs are for those of you that want something a little different. A beautifully traditional material shaped in a modern way to create an interesting sign. Choose between a range of different fonts, paint colours and images to make the sign truly unique to you and your home.

round slate.jpg

Stone tablets ands wedges
These stunning stone tablets and wedges ooze quality. Choose between a variety of thicknesses, fonts, images and paint colours to make then truly yours.

wedges final.jpg

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