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Business signs, are they really important for your business? Well actually yes they are, in fact a study conducted in 2015 by FedEx identified that nearly 76% of consumers entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on it’s signs. Furthermore 67% of customer said they purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. And 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits, with an average increase of about 10%. Therefore, we would say a sign for your business is pretty important.
That’s why here at The Sign Maker with highly skilled designers, craftsmen and a office team with great customer service, you can be sure to find a business sign thats just right for you. Below we have provided some useful information into picking the right sign for you. But for the best advice be sure to give us a call or drop us an email, we have an expert team at hand to help.

Maintenance and Durability
If you’re looking for something low maintenance and high durability you might want to consider materials such as;

Vinyl Signage
We also a range of other vinyl signage which is also low maintenance. The material choice for these includes; aluminium, aluminium composite and PVC.

Aluminium Composite blog image
Corian is a fantastic material that gives a little bit more of a luxurious feel without the price tag to follow. Being made from stone resin in gives the look and feel of real stone without the price. With no maintenance and very high durability this may be the perfect business sign for you.

corian business blog

Anodised Aluminium:
This material is particular interested because you can print on it which is perfect for companies with complicated logos.

Anodised Aluminium blog_edited-1

Engraved Signs
Many of our engraved signs are perfect for low maintenance and longevity, materials include; chemically etched stainless steel or brass, engraved stainless steel and engraved aluminium.

Chemically etched blog.jpg

A Rustic Look and Feel
Timber is a luxurious product with an amazing feel and look. A sign like this for your business oozes taste and sophistication.  Or if you fancy something a bit more rustic and rugged then our rustic slices will also be a perfect match.

wooden business signs.jpg
Sleek and Modern
If you company is super sleek and modern, you need a sign to reflect that. We feel that some of the signs below are perfect to help give your customers that look and feel.

Clear Acrylics
This signs are effortlessly classy and elegant, while needed no care. Add standoffs to the product and the classiness just keeps on coming.

clear acrylic business blog.jpg

Engraved Brass
Engraved brass, although not a very modern product is beautifully sleek product. When kept shinned up is a stunning sign to smarten up any company office or workshop.

brass blog.jpg

Something to Make a statement

If you are after something a bit bigger or bit more luxury then why not go for one of our estate style signs. You can have a these in a range of materials including timber, stone or corian.

estate signs blog.jpg

A hanging sign to draw that customer in

Hanging signs are a fantastic way to showcase your company. Here at The Sign Maker we have a wide range of beautiful hanging signs. From more traditional timber signs, to painted signs and even aluminium composite with printed vinyl which works really well for more complicated company logos.

hanging signs blog.jpg

Something to help your customers know where they are going

If perhaps your offices or venue is a little bigger and you need to help point your customers in the right direction then you might want to considers some directional arrows to help.

directional signs blog.jpg

Something for on the road

Who said that you can advertise while on the move? We do, with a fantastic range of magnetic signs you can get easy signs to pop onto your car, van or truck. Or we can even send you vinyl lettering to put onto your vehicle yourself.

printed-magnetic-signs blog.jpg

Safety Signs

Now these signs are not only important but are a requirement of the law, so are you up to date with what signs you need? Be sure to check out our website to find the right signs for you.

Safety Signs Blog.jpg

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