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High-quality bespoke house signs crafted by The Sign Maker.

Picking a new House Sign for your home can be a bit of a daunting task. Here at The Sign Maker we want to make it that bit easier for you. We have some fantastic tips on how to pick the best house sign for your home as well as sharing with you our own house sign range.

The Material

Here at The Sign Maker we think the best place to start with choosing a house sign is the material. There is an excellent range of materials to choose from including natural stone, wood to modern materials such as Corian and Clear Acrylics. When picking the material the two main areas to consider is the look and the maintenance. Materials such as wood require much more maintenance than stone or modern materials.

Many of the house signs at The Sign Maker are hand crafted.
Signs made just the way you want them from The Sign Maker.
High-quality customer service at The Sign Maker.

The Size

Knowing what size to have your house sign can also be a hard decision. Our best recommendation is to take a tape measure out and measure the space you want to fill. The table below will also help to guide you on the right size sign.

Letter SizeComfortable Viewing Distance


After figuring out the material and the size the next consideration to make is the design. When thinking about how you might like your house sign to look you will need to consider the layout, the font and whether you might like an image or not. On-site here at The Sign Maker we have fantastic designers who will draw up proof of what the sign will look like before it goes into production. We also have a brilliant range of fonts and images to choose from.

Our House Sign Range

Wooden House Sign Slate House Sign Painted Wooden Sign
Oak house sign made by Sign Maker Bespoke slate house sign crafted at The Sign Maker. Unique painted house signs made by The Sign Maker.
Stone-Like Corian Hanging House SignsHand Painted Signs
Corian Houe signs made by The Sign Maker. Hanging house signs crafted by The Sign Maker. Hand painted cast signs from The Sign Maker.
Framed House SignEngraved PlatesCast Metal Signs
Framed House Signs made by The Sign Maker Team.Beautiful, high-quality engraved nameplates made by The Sign Maker. A stunning cast brass house sign by The Sign Maker.
Embossed Aluminium SignsDirectional House SignsAcrylic House Signs
Embossed House signs by The Sign Maker. High-quality directional house signs crafted by The Sign Maker. Modern looking acrylic house signs made by The Sign Maker.
Metal House SignsHouse Numbers Value House Signs
High-quality metal signs make for excellent house signs, by The Sign Maker. Choose from a range of materials for you house number sign at The Sign Maker. Great value house signs made by The Sign Maker.

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