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Picking your house sign can be a bit of a daunting task but it is an important one as your house sign must reflect the style of your house and you. For example, a rustic wooden slice wouldn’t be the most appropriate for a townhouse. There are lots of variables to consider so this post plans to help you pick the perfect house sign for your home.

The Material

There are lots of different factors that can affect what material you should have. First of all is of course the look of the sign. You may already have a preference of what type of sign you would like if that’s the case then it’s just matching that material to your needs for example how much maintenance you want to give your sign and it’s durability (see below). However, if your not sure here are some of the signs that we feel match different styles of houses;

Country Houses – Stone or wood are traditional materials and therefore suit country homes very well.

Country Signs
Country Signs

Cottage – Here at The Sign Maker we feel rustic slate or rustic wood signs would suit a quaint cottage.

Country Cottage Signs
Country Cottage Signs

Estates – Estate signs often require a range of different materials from big stone or oak entrance signs to more information based signs which suit aluminum.

Estate Signs
Estate Signs

Town House – We feel that granite, brass, and cast bronze signs all match in well with a townhouse.

Town House Signs
Town House Signs

Modern House – If you own a modern home then clear acrylics match the style perfectly or for something a bit different, our modern slates are very appealing.

Modern House Signs
Modern House Signs

The Size

The size can often be one of the most difficult items to figure out, here at The Sign Maker we like to make this process as easy as possible. So we have identified two main ways to help you figure out the size of your future house sign.

You can either choose the sign by how much wording you want on the sign in conjunction with the material or by how far away you want the sign to be seen from.

In regards to the number of words, this is also affected by the material. Below gives an indication of what size sign you should have depending on the wording and material.

Stone Signs – The smallest size letter on these signs are 20mm which means if you have lots of words you will need a larger sign. If you only need one to two lines of text then any of our standard sizes would work, please follow the link below to our standard sizes.

Corian (stone look alike) – If you do have lots of wording but still want a stone looking sign then corian is your best bet with letter sizes going as small as 10mm.

Wood – We can create both small and large wooden signs which can include very detailed images.

Painted Wood – Painted signs are now very popular as we are able to match to farrow and ball colours. The letter sizes of these signs can go relatively small or as large as you like. If you are looking for a standard size then follow the link for size recommendations.

Cast – Cast signs are often a very popular house sign, the size of these signs vary depending on the number of letters required, follow the link to find out more.

Engraved – These signs again can range from very small to very large as we are able to have letters as small as 10mm.

Alternatively, you can depict the size of your house sign by how far away you need it to be read from. Follow the link below for more information on this.

The Style

Here at The Sign Maker we have a wide range of different fonts, paint colours and images so make sure you utilise all of these to make your house sign the style you’ve been looking for. For more information on our fonts, paint colours and images click on the images below;

fonts and images.jpg

Durability & Maintenance of the Sign

As spoken about further up, durability and maintenance is also a very important part of picking your house sign. If you are someone who is happy to regularly maintain their sign then wooden signs are perfect for you as they need be oiled or varnished ever 1-3 years. Furthermore, if you are thinking about a brass sign they too need a little bit of care to keep them shining. However, if you are looking for a low maintenance sign then stone, corian or cast signs are perfect. Stone and corian signs are the most durable followed by cast, engraved and then wooden.

How to fix it

When it comes to fixing your sign you have two main methods; screws or adhesives, Screws work for virtually all signs and are a tidy and effective form of fixing your sign. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive, for the larger signs we recommend CT1 or GrabnBond and for smaller signs you can use industrial standard double-sided tape. Both options are effective but if at any point you think you might like to remove the sign then we recommend using screws as you would not be able to remove a sign that has been fixed using adhesive.


Here are more examples of our house signs, please feel free to browse or you can always search through our main website by clicking this link;

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