Memorial Plaques

Purchasing a memorial can be a very difficult experience, but here at The Sign Maker we want to try and ease that difficulty. We feel that a memorial, although very difficult and sad, is a chance to celebrate the amazing life of that person or even pet. It’s a way to show the love you felt for them. We have a wide variety of different memorials to choose from which enables you to pick one that meets all the requirements. Whether you are thinking of having a woodland burial or a traditional plaque, we can provide the product that is just right for you. The following content will lead you through a few product ranges, identifying the benefits of these particular signs and identifying whether or not they may suit your needs.


When it comes to metal memorials we have a wide selection of materials which can make just picking the material a difficult process, before even choosing the content for the plaque.

Laminate signs are maintenance free and very durable, combined with a plaque makes for a very smart and respectable memorial plaque. The first layer of laminate is engraved away to reveal a second colour for the lettering and images. You can choose to have either a silver laminate or a black laminate depending on you preference. To learn more about these plaques just click here.

Laminate Memorials
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Brass plaques are very traditional and when shined up look elegant. The traditional choice within a brass sign is to leave it unpainted, however as long as the letters are 10mm high we can also paint fill them a selection of colours. Either option looks handsome and is merely a preference of the eye. Brass plaques are perfect when put onto a memorial bench or placed on a backing board to be free standing. The only to remember with brass is that regular maintenance is required to keep the plaque looking as shiny as it did on arrival.

Brass memorial
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Stainless steel memorials are low maintenance, extremely tough memorial plaques. A particular benefit of these plaques is because the letters are lasered on, they can be very small. This means if you need a small plaque with lots of words this is the perfect plaque for you. Additionally you can have high quality photos lasered onto the plaque.

stainless steel
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Black or coloured anodised aluminium make for maintenance free memorial plaques. Similar to that of the laminate memorials except with a wider range of colours. Again with these signs the letters are engraved away to reveal a different colour underneath.

anodised aluminium memorial
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In a digital age it is becoming more common to want to celebrate the lives of our loved ones through imagery. Well with our full colour photo memorials this is now possible. All we need is a high quality coloured image and you will receive a high quality durable memorial. In fact the material is so tough that the image cannot be scratched off the surface. Or if you don’t want a photo you can choose from one of our standard images.

Full colour memorial
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Finally if you are after something to place in the garden as an additional memorial, or perhaps after something a little cheaper then our all in one tree stakes/grave markers could be what you are looking for. The plaque inside the tree stake is anodised aluminium, a tough and durable material.

tree stake memorial
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Cast signs are a very traditional yet timeless signs. Made using traditional methods combined with the very latest pattern making technology. These signs are more expensive, but this is only a reflection of the quality, durability and elegance of such a beautiful product.

Cast bronze memorial is the most traditional cast material, producing a handsome plaque. These plaques can be designed using fonts and images of your choice as well as choosing between black, brown, green or blue for the background colour. An additional benefit of this material is it is very low maintenance.

cast bronze memorial
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Cast aluminium memorials are similar to bronze but are that little bit cheaper. Similar to the cast bronze you can once again choose from a vast amount of fonts, images and layouts. Background colours include; black, brown, blue and green.

cast aluminium memorial
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Some people are now opting for more natural funerals, our range of wooden memorial plaques are a favourable way to combine natural with high quality and class. Wooden memorials are beautiful as they show the lovely grain of the timber. Maintenance of these memorials are a little higher with regular oil or varnish treatments, but the end product is most definitely worth the work.

Natural wooden plaques and both elegant and beautiful, choose from a wide variety of fonts, colours and images. You can choose from a whole host of different timbers, but for least maintenance we suggest Iroko. To learn more about our timbers click here.

wooden memorial
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Wooden crosses can be used if you are wanting something smaller or even something to place before a headstone arrives. There are made from high quality timber, that skilled craftsman work into a cross shape. You can choose from a wide selection of standard size which ranges from XS to mega crosses. Choose from a wide selection of fonts, colours and images to match your requirements. You can either choose to have wording engraved directly on the cross or have a small plaque fitted. Plaques can be made from cast aluminium, rustic slate or a small engraved plaque.

wooden crosses
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If you are after a wooden memorial but perhaps after one that’s a bit different then perhaps one of our shaped wooden memorials would be best suited. These are made using the same materials as our natural wooden memorials, the only difference is you can choose from a round, oval or heart shaped plaque.

shaped wooden
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Stone signs of all materials are fantastic due to the low maintenance and longevity of them.

Stone lawn memorials are made out of thick slate or granite and are intended to sit on the ground. Slate is beautiful as the natural markings come out in the memorial. If however you would prefer a granite lawn memorials you can choose from four different colour granites, yep that’s right plenty of choice!

lawn memorials
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Slate or granite wedges are similar to lawn memorials but with a slope, making for easier reading. You can choose to have your wording engraved directly onto the wedge or have a plaque made from corian sit on top of the wedge. If you require a lot of wording we recommend you choose a corian plaque. Once again you can of course choose from a wide variety of fonts, paint colours and images.

wedges final
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If you have been looking at headstones and have not found anything you liked, then perhaps you might like our rustic stone boulders. These can work as headstone or simply an extremely smart memorial. Made from either granite or purbeck stone, these boulders certainly make a statement. For more information on these boulders click here.

Boulders final
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Corian is a stone like material made from using a clear acrylic resin and minerals. Which in turn creates a modern material with a stone like finish. The main advantages of this material overall real stone is that you can engrave much smaller letters onto the material, meaning you can get much more wording onto the plaque. Additionally, it is a little cheaper than stone yet without dropping in quality of the look and feel of the product. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide selection of different colours of corian, including slate and granite look-alikes.

corian final
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